20th Annual European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Blog

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Key Findings from the State of the Shared Services Market Report – Europe 2020

Uncover some of the most noteworthy statistics gathered from SSON's annual report to help you benchmark your shared service organisation alongside industry peers.

How can Shared Service Leaders prepare their teams for the coming decade?

Nadia Hutchinson, Global HR Operations Director at Kantar provides her advice as to how shared service leaders can ensure their employees can keep up with the demands of the coming decade.

Critical Factors When Introducing Automation into your Shared Services Organisation

The introduction of automation is a key priority for many shared service organisations, however, it is not a venture to be taken lightly. Read on to uncover some of the factors leaders must keep in mind as shared by Kathleen Terjensen, Head of Global Business Services at Bose.

What is Shared Services and Outsourcing Week?

In 2020, Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Europe celebrates two decades with the business services industry. Read on to uncover the key themes, speakers and opportunities that will be found at the event.

What is Customer Excellence in Shared Services?

Providing shared services customers with an experience that prioritises excellence can yield significant benefits for the business. Read on to discover the five key components for creating an exceptional SSO customer experience.

How to Double a GBS in 10 Months: An interview with Kamila Grembowitz, Adidas

Kamila Grembowitz, SVP of Global Business Services at Adidas, provides a detailed insight into her experience of doubling the size of the organisation in just of 10-months.

Moving from Excellence to Competence: An interview with Sebastian Zeiss, Deutsche Telekom

Sebastian Ziess, Vice President of the Lean Management Competence Centre at Deutsche Tekelom shares an insight into how they are using a holistic approach to address the business' needs.

The Best Data is Clean Data: An interview with Beju Shah, Bank of England

On this episode of the SSON podcast, Beju Shah, Head of Data Collection & Publication, Digital Platforms at Bank of England explains why having no data is better than bad data. 

Brexit: Why UK employment law does not have to be additional spinning plate for HR

As Brexit nears, HR & Talent Director Edward Gumm pens an open letter on how the UK business sector can remove uncertainty and support the European workforce.

4 Challenges Facing the European Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry in 2019

With insight from the 2019 SSON State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Market Report, we explore some of the key challenges that European SSO leaders are facing.

What Does it Take to Run an Award Winning Shared Services Centre? Ft. OMV Petrom

Last year, the Service Delivery Centre of integrated oil company OMV Petrom took home not one, but two SSON awards. Here, the centre's managers share a glimpse into what led to their success.

How Mondelez International’s Global Business Services Achieved Excellence in Automation

Last year, Mondelez Business Services at Mondelez International won the SSON award for Excellence in Automation. Here, SVP Caroline Basyn shares an insight of their journey.

What are the Challenges and Opportunities in exporting Finance to a Shared Service model?

With insight from SSOW speakers Thomas Haseneder, Global Head GBS Finance Services, Ingram Micro and Lóránt Besnyi, Head of Accounting & Tax, MOL Group, we explore the realities of pairing finance with shared services.