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Contributor: Tristan Gitman
If you want to make robotic process automation part of your operations, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want to use it for. That, effectively, is the key message to practitioners, from anyone who has real experience with RPA solutions.Barbara Hodge speaks with Tristan Gitman, Automation Strategist at Blue Prism, about the far-... Read more
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– interview with Stephan Albers, OpusCapitaRequisition-to-pay is one area within Finance services that is getting a lot of attention lately, because it offers so many opportunities for driving improvement. The combination of a better understanding of end-to-end process management and new solutions that leverage digitalization for improved... Read more

Right now, one of the most significant trends is the rise of robotics across all elements of the enterprise, transforming the way business is done. The implications will impact enterprises beyond what many of us can comprehend today.Read more


Visibility in Universities, like funding a lounge area or a fun event, help Philips attract talent. What it then looks for, in terms of skills, is up to Julie HarbertRead more

Contributor: Julie Harbert

Julie Harbert explains why she remains rather "old school" when it comes to charting key metricsRead more

Contributor: Jean-Claude De Vera
Jean-Claude De Vera

Empower teams and innovate at the workplace – "where the job is done"!Read more

Alexander von Thielmann

Meet our Global Advisory Board – find out what their strengths are, and how they'll be contributing to SSON's value-add for youRead more

Contributor: Mike Stops

The SSO reduced overdue receivables by 80%, for the business units it supports. (There was no discernable change in the BUs that are not supported by the SSO.)Read more

53 results
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