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December 29, 2017 by Barbara Hodge, Editor
Barbara Hodge, Editor
My picks of the best articles we posted last year
Tags: 2016 | Data | customer
January 16, 2017 by Philip Woodburn
Philip Woodburn
Schneider Electric recently expanded its Finance GBS model by adding a North American Global Business Services center. Philip Woodburn, VP, Finance Global Shared Services and Operations at Schneider Electric, who is based in their Polish centre, took a leading role in identifying and selecting a North American location for this new centre.Barbara...
January 12, 2017 by Barbara Hodge
Barbara Hodge
What is the one key Metric you want to 'move' this year? And how will you do it? We asked our Advisory Board...
January 8, 2017 by Barbara Hodge, Editor
Barbara Hodge, Editor
While it’s true the rigor of robotics removes a lot of process risk, ironically, the more user interface-focused the solution, the greater the exposure to another kind of risk. Make sure you know what's what
Tags: RPA | Security
December 19, 2016 by Barbara Hodge, Editor
Barbara Hodge, Editor
We've had such fun this year – not just in doing Walking Man (#SSOW Europe) and the Mannequin Challenge (#RPA event) but now this incredibly tricky little dance – just to keep you entertained and us connected
Tags: Season | Holidays
December 16, 2016 by
No matter what your beliefs or traditions, the holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people. But it's also a brilliant opportunity for process improvement.From How to cook a turkey to How to return an unwanted gift, here are 5 processes from our friends at Promapp, to help you get through the holiday season this year. ...
Tags: Promapp | process | design
December 1, 2016 by Priyanka Anand
Priyanka Anand
Which solution do you veer towards: industrialized or customized?
November 22, 2016 by Robert Swaim
Robert W. Swaim
Millennial issues have become a source of income for a host of self-anointed experts who say they can interpret young worker's whims and aspirations—sometimes for as much as $20,000 an hour! Is generational consulting "a complete racket"?
November 22, 2016 by Editorial Staff
No one can guarantee the performance of a manager or executive appointed to a new position. Indeed, if the reports and surveys we are constantly bombarded with are correct, we can safely say most executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions.
1723 article results
of 172