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SSOW Current Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at who you can expect at Asia's biggest Shared Services event based on our 2019 Attendee List! To request a copy of this snapshot to be sent directly to you, contact us here.

SSOW Asia 2020 - Sponsorship & Exhibition Kit

Be the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Benchmarking Workshops, Innovation Tracks, Interactive Discussion Groups and more. Take a look at our Sponsorship & Exhibition Kit for more details on package details, floor plan, audience breakdown and see how you can get involved today!...

Shared Services Asia Week - Attendee Profile Report

The regional Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week is a dedicated platform for community discussions on solidifying Asia’s competitive advantage within the global Shared Services map. Our Attendee Profile Report gives a detailed analysis of a cross-section of attendees from the SSOW Asia event last year and provide a holistic...

2020 Post-Show Report: Asian Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Live

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone – but with your support, we were able to bring SSOW Asia Live 2020 to you, in the safety and comfort of your homes and offices. Held on 26 – 28 October 2020, we saw over 1,400 attendees from 40 different countries...

Past Presentations

Learning from Lufthansa Services Philippines' Journey in Balancing "Soft" and "Hard" Skills to Create a "Future-Fit" Workforce

Presented by: Sharmini Krishnan, Managing Director, Lufthansa Services PhilippinesIn this presentation, she covered:Nurturing a workforce fit for the future Balancing the need for technical skills with the emphasis on critical "soft" skills for technology deployment Supporting digital transformation through "soft" but critical skill-sets and capabilitiesDownload the slides to understand more. 

Understanding Boston Scientific’s Big Leap from GBS to a “Global Capability Centre”

The GBS game has changed. Going beyond standardisation and centralisation, GBS centres themselves have to remain relevant to businesses in the digital environment. Taking the lead, Boston Scientific is undergoing a GBS transformation journey where they evolve towards a “Global Capability Centre” – but is it for everyone? Presented by Sudhir...

Analytics and Automation CoE: Our Journey

Presented by: Marcos Bonfim, Shared Services Analytics & Automation Director, Schlumberger

Generating Easy, Quick Wins to Accelerate Up your Shared Services Journey

Presented by: Jorge Gilling, General Manager, AIG Shared Services Malaysia

Adding Value through Business Consulting: The Siemens Case Study

Presented by: Michael Stafford, Head of Business Shared Services, ASEAN, Siemens

Additional Content

SSON Annual Industry Report: Redefining What's Possible

SSON’s annual market report highlights the underlying trends driving these shifts, identifies the ‘new and improved’ profile of a modern Shared Services team, and points to strategic value-add embedded within the Shared Services model.

Executive Highlights of the 6th Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

A part of SSON’s global SSOW series, this year’s conference (2 – 3 May 2018, Kuala Lumpur) focused on driving Malaysia’s competitive advantage through the 3 critical pillars of People, Technology and Processes. The seamless integration of these pillars has proven to be essential as Malaysia’s Shared Services sector continues...

A New Services Triumvirate Powers Up Asia: Technology, Talent, and Data

In this report, we look at how the Asian service delivery market need to power up on technology, talent and data.

Change or Die: Investing in Talent within the Shared Services Industry

How do we cope with a digitally advanced future? Developing talent to adjust to a new future is essential to survival. Especially so within the Shared Services industry. In this article, we looked at the three main issues at stake in the Shared Services industry.

What is the real Value of Intelligent Automation?

Leading SSO executives in Asia explain why IA is a valuable tool for change and disruption, where they are experiencing setbacks, how IA is perceived across different stakeholder groups (and why), and how intelligent automation heralds a new Shared Services model.

Insights from the 6th Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018

This report analyses the results from the onsite polling conducted with close to 100 shared services professionals during the 6th Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, held on 2-3 May 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

Spotlight On The Shared Services Market In Asia

SSON Analytics recently conducted a survey with Shared Services professionals in Asia. The results of this survey were blended with proprietary data to dive into the key themes of the upcoming Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018.

State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry Report Asia 2018/2019

SSON's annual state-of-the-industry report for Asia is based on survey responses specifically from the region, and highlights trends in operational models, identifies the 'new and improved' profile of modern Shared Services, and identifies where future value-add lies. 

Life in the Fast Lane: The Onslaught of Digital Transformation in Shared Services

Much has been written about the impact and future of automation. It is here to stay and will continue to advance, so it is best for shared services to begin their transformation journey now and learn along with these technological advancements. 

How To Build A Next Generation Shared Services Delivery Model

Avinash Sankhe, Director, Shared Services Center, Commodities, Industry and Facilities Division, Bereau Veritas, talks about how its Mumbai-based Global SSC provides effective integrated support that makes the organisation run - just not in the traditional way. 

How IoT Is Driving The SSO Model To Take On The Enterprise, And Win!

Sudhir Dasamantharao, Chief Transformation Officer and Director, Global Business Services APAC, Boston Scientific explains how today’s sophisticated business services models support all kinds of commercial activities, marketing research and development, amongst others.

Building the Next-Level Shared Services Centres

Read more on how shared service centres can move higher up the value chain providing services of exceeding value, while retaining their competitive advantage

From Bottom Line To Front Line

This research brings together the very latest primary research, rich insights from our leaders across Accenture, a wealth of information from Accenture Research and our practitioners working with clients around the world every day.

SSON Impact Awards - Application Forms

SSON Impact Awards 2020 Shortlisted Finalists

We are excited to announce the shortlist for the SSON Impact Awards Asia 2020. Entries this year have been extremely competitive with more than 200 submissions across 8 awards categories – the most we’ve ever received! Take a look at the shortlisted finalists:

Finalists Announcement for SSON Impact Awards Asia 2019

We are excited to announce the shortlist for the SSON Impact Awards Asia 2019. Entries this year have been extremely competitive with more than 150 submissions across 8 awards categories – more than what we’ve ever received!  Take a look at the shortlisted finalists per category: List of Finalist for SSON Impact Awards...

SSON Impact Awards Brochure

The SSON Impact Awards is back! As the Shared Services industry continues to evolve, it is time to acknowledge the impact your SSO has on businesses. How has your SSO impacted your business’s bottom-line? In what way has your SSO activity impacted on your employees and customers? The SSON Impact...

Impact Awards Application Form - Automation Impact Award

Automation can take many forms – from movement to workflow technology, self-service system, Robotic Process Automation and even in some cases Artificial Intelligence. The options are endless. Tell us how automation has transformed your SSO – we want to know!

Impact Awards Application Form - Best Shared Services Team

Teamwork is the bedrock of Shared Services. This award celebrates and recognises the shared services organisation who have shown excellence team work and collaboration in improving the bottom line of shared services organisations.

Impact Awards Application Form - Best Vendor Collaboration

Relationships between solution providers and their SSO/Corporate clients can yield fantastic results for companies that really understand how to work together, resulting in lasting cost savings and even profit. This award shines a light on successful partnerships that have improved business outcomes for your shared services organisation.** Specific to this...

Impact Awards Application Form - Business Transformation Impact Award

Today’s shared services operating models are the engine behind transformation. As companies transform themselves along the key pillars of the 21st Century Enterprise – Customer Engagement, Changing Nature & Value of Assets, Everything-as-a-Service and Workforce of the Future – how are companies successfully leveraging the Business Services operating model to...

Impact Awards Application Form - Change Management Impact Award

Regardless of where your organisation may be on the maturity spectrum of shared services, change is a constant, and the ability to manage change as part of your day-to-day operations is crucial to ensure the cultural transformation needed for execution and growth. This award category is focused on the strategy,...

Impact Awards Application Form - Creative Talent Management Impact Award

Managing talent effectively is a major challenge at every SSO. Coupled with the digital age now redefining business roles, SSO leaders are being asked to expand their existing competencies with in-depth knowledge of technology and analytics, as well as broader leadership and business partnering skills. This award category is focused...

Impact Awards Application Form - Customer Centricity Impact Award

As customer expectations and behaviors have caused seismic shifts across entire industries and business models, companies have enhanced their focus on customer experience through front, middle and back office processes. This category will focus on how business services utilising traditional Customer Experience (CX) tools – e.g. journey mapping, design thinking...

Impact Awards Application Form - Process Improvement & Value Creation Impact Award

Process improvement can take many forms: Eliminating waste in operations, eliminating friction points for customers, process redesign as part of sixsigma, innovations in process outcomes or even training related processes. Value creation means delivering shareholder value in terms of either top-line growth, bottomline improvements or even experience related value.

Featured Content

The Asian State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019

It’s that time of year! We are proud to present the SSON leading market report for Asia. This report outlines priorities, highlights trends and provides an invaluable guide to the current state of the shared services market.Every year, SSON’s Shared Services market survey highlights enormous progression in the service delivery...

The Asian's Shared Services 2019 Visual Analytic Workbook

This Visual Analytics Workbook (VAW) will cover significant trends in Asia-Pacific’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry. It will:Begin with a landscape of Shared Services Introduce ‘agile’ as a project management methodology for Global Business Services (GBS)Feature insights from Shared Services professionals about how Asia can maintain its competitive edgeDive into the...

6 strategies to differentiate Asia as a global shared services hub

“Asian countries have successfully built significant competencies and careers in Shared Services, while other geographies are lagging” - Rodney Bergman, CelesticaDespite RPA taking over the kind of transactional work that in the past had moved to Asia for labour arbitrage; despite increasingly globalised SSO models supposedly making location “irrelevant”; and...

People. Process. Technology. Why this is the winning formula

The digital transformation of shared services is being driven by the three foundational elements important to any improvement initiative: people, process and technology.Today, these elements are being redefined for the digital ecosystem.In this content we explore how people, process and technology are being redefined for the modern shared service centre...

Centre of Excellence - Shared Services Value Driver

The shared services market is being transformed by a growing emphasis on centres of expertise (COEs), which is indicative of a continuous industry commitment to improving productivity and efficiency.This is particularly evident in the finance expertise, RPA and intelligent automation, and IT support sectors in Asia, where data analytics or...

APAC Shared Services Market Report 2020 with Thomson Reuters

As global enterprises continue to jump on the digitisation bandwagon for fear of being left behind, farsighted Shared Services leaders have committed to reinventing themselves as digital hubs. SSON’s annual survey of SSO/GBS practitioners confirms that the digital economy is leading the charge. Whether defined by process excellence, human capital...

Event Information

Finance Transformation Flyer

We all know that the finance function has evolved over the years and traditional focus on reports, transactions and numbers are no longer key responsibilities of your day-to-day work. How can we harness technology to make our finance activities more streamlined and efficient? How can we derive more value from...

HR Transformation Flyer

We all know that the HR function has evolved over the years and traditional focus on administrative reports, numbers and processes are no longer key responsibilities of your day-to-day workHow can we harness technology to make our HR activities more streamlined and efficient? How can we derive more value from...

SSOW Asia 2019 Attendee Snapshot

Take a peek at who's attending #SSOWAsia 2019!

View SSOW Asia 2019 Post-Show Report

The 22nd Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (SSOW Asia) ended on a successful note – and it is all thanks to you! With the theme of “Driving Agile Business Services & Centres of Excellence”, Asia’s business services leaders and practitioners exchanged valuable insights around digital transformation, value creation and...

View Post-Show Report - SSOW Asia Live! 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone – but with your support, we were able to bring SSOW Asia Live 2020 to you, in the safety and comfort of your homes and offices.Held on 26 – 28 October 2020, we saw over 1,400 attendees from 40 different countries join...

2019 Speaker Interviews

Thomas Haseneder

Thomas Haseneder, Cargotec, talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Sudhir Dasamantharao

Sudhir Dasamantharao, Boston Scientific, talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Sharmini Krishnan

Sharmini Krishnan, Lufthansa talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Rodney Bergman

Rodney Bergman, Celestica talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Sajesh Gopinath

Sajesh Gopinath, SmartOps talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Rajeev Mall

Rajeev Mall, Coca Cola bottlers, talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Michael Mak

Michael Mak, Nintex talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Darren Hauschild

Darren Hauschild. ActiveOps talks to the SSON Asia 2019 team

Cheryl Selda

Cheryl Selda, Galvanize, Asia Pacific talks to the SSOW Asia 2019 team

Arunkumar Nataraj

Arunkumar Nataraj, Jiffyrpa talks to the SSOW 2019 team

Sumit Mitra

Sumit Mitra, Tesco, talks to us at SSOW Asia 2019

Ronen Lamden

Ronen Lamden, Workfusion talks to us at SSOW Asia 2019

Raman Iyer

Ramen Iyer, Ramco, talks to us at SSOW Asia 2019

Paul Bartley

Paul Bartley, Odfjell Drilling talks to us at SSOW Asia 2019

Nick Levanic

Nick Levanic, Thomson Reuters talks to us at SSOW Asia 2019

Mike Conway, Active Ops

Mike Conway, Active Ops talks to us at the 22nd Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

SSOW Asia 2019: Interview with Aditya Tikku

At the 2019 SSOW Asia summit in Singapore, we spoke to Ramco Systems' Aditya Tikku about payroll systems in APAC and how they can be transformed to benefit future workforces.