Centre of Excellence - Shared Services Value Driver

Centre of Excellence - Shared Services Value Driver

The shared services market is being transformed by a growing emphasis on centres of expertise (COEs), which is indicative of a continuous industry commitment to improving productivity and efficiency.

This is particularly evident in the finance expertise, RPA and intelligent automation, and IT support sectors in Asia, where data analytics or management, HR expertise, and automation audit and controls make up the bulk of the focus for COEs.

Nevertheless, industry players must be keenly aware of the key differences between shared services and COEs. To dig deeper into this aspect of the business, we speak with Siddhartha Banerjee, who currently spearheads the UI-UX COE at Vodafone Shared Services in India.

In this report, Banerjee elaborates on these differences, and how they can be used such that shared services and COEs can complement each other for improved outcomes in productivity and efficiency.

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