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Nordic Business Transformation Agenda

The Nordic Business Transformation 2019 Agenda delivers crucial insights into the Nordics leading business transformation event. With a new and unique strategy to assist you in bringing the back office to the frontline of change, now is the time to join us for 3 days of insightful learning through keynotes, case studies and much much more... 

Download to discover: 

  • The 2019 speaker line up including advisory board and inspirational speaker. 
  • The key themes and challenges for 2019 
  • Interactive discussion groups, case studies, keynotes and workshops
  • And much more... 

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Managing Change in the Face of Uncertainty

In this case study, we talked to Intrum's Chief HR Officer Jean-Luc Ferraton, who discusses how they worked on a successful merger with Intrum Justitia and Lindorf for the past 2 years, to create the largest player in credit management services in Europe with an incredible local presence in 24 countries. Lean how Intrum put this transformation into place and are keeping the momentum going into their 3rd year. 

7 Tips on How to Succeed in Your Shared Services Journey

The journey can often be pretty hazy and without much clarity your Shared Service Centre could be a complete disaster. In order to get things right, we've put together 7 of the must-do points to implement and ensure success. 

Interview with Nabeel Babre | Delivering Process Excellence With Robotic Process Automation

In this exclusive Q&A, Nabeel Babree, the Head of Digital & Process Excellence at Telenor Global Shared Services, provides insight into the organisation’s RPA journey. Read on to uncover:

  • The intentions and realisations that emerged during the implementation of RPA
  • The key challenges faced on their automation journey
  • How Telenor’s GBS delivers process excellence across the board

Nordic Business Transformation Benchmarking Report 2019

The Nordic Business Transformation Benchmarking Report is an industry wide report, featuring insight from 100+ modern shared services experts and business transformation professionals. Uncovering just how Nordic Shared Services models are supporting successful business transformation in the region, this is your opportunity to discover where you sit amongst your competitors.

Download the report to find out answers to:

  • What extent organisations achieved a return on investment (ROI) through deploying automation?
  • What extent their back-office transformation been successful?
  • The biggest challenge when driving value out of automation?
  • The biggest challenge our 100+ surveyed professionals predict over the next 12 months? 

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How to Succeed with Customer-Driven Business Transformation (Article)

The relationship between customers and businesses is changing. As customers gain increasing power in their relationship with the companies that serve them, businesses must take action to revisit their current approach to the market. And, with the rise of disruptors that seek to challenge the status quo in almost every industry, legacy organisations need particularly take note. With insight with Kasper Uhd Jepsen, Danske Bank’s Head of Concepts & Insights, Transactions Banking, we explore how the 148-year old financial institution is using a customer driven strategy to cater to the customer of the future.

Download this exclusive content piece to learn:

·         Why the businesses in the Nordic region are lagging behind in the path to transformation

·         The impact of regulation in making traditional business models obsolete

·         The value of data analytics in discovering new ways to deliver value to your customers

·         What are the three key actionable steps to making a customer-driven strategy a success in your organisation


Nordic Market Report from SSON Analytics

It looks into Nordic Transformation 2019: Digital Leadership, Change Management & People crucial alongside Technology.

The 4 Drivers of Digital Transformation

While digitalisation is generally associated with technology, that is only one of the levers that drive an enterprise forward. Here we provide four tips on effectively driving enterprise digitalisation through Shared Services. Read on to discover:

  • How to cultivate the ‘right’ mind-set and skillset to support digital transformation
  • The danger in focusing on purely end-to-end process excellence
  • Why data is critical in automated, digital environments

Managing Change within the Retained Organisation

For organisations seeking to improve their operations, outsourcing has long been an effective plan of action.

With the ability to perform back-office processes with greater efficiency, at a lower cost and with a high level of functional expertise, outsourcing solutions often carry the promise of significantly boosting a businesses competitive edge.

However, in reality, the desired benefits do not always come to fruition.

The reason for this is that many organisations focus on the processes being moved to the outsourcing centre while neglecting to pay enough attention to the retained organisation’s operation and the significant change management initiative it must undergo.

We interviewed Octavian Cuntan, Business Transformation Director at Bombardier Inc where, he leads various projects of the organisation’s multi-year transformation that seeks to improve the efficiency, quality and customer experience of its operations.

Here we explore the Bombardier story as it transitions into the continuous improvement stage of its business transformation and discuss how the organisation has supported its retained organisation as it has outsourced a selection of their operations.

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The Journey to Digital

It is no secret that an ability to harness new technologies plays an essential role in a business’ success. However, companies in the Nordic region are lagging behind their international competitors on the path toward a more digital future. With insight from Jani Rahja, Head of Automation at Finnish postal service company Posti, we explore the numbers behind the state of automation in the Nordics and uncover how Posti is working to get ahead. Also learn:

  • Where a majority of Nordic companies are in their automation journey
  • How Posti is working to create a digital mindset among its employees
  • The most widely experienced challenges on achieving digital transformation

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The Human Side of Change: Interview with 3 Sweden and Broadnet

Successful organisational transformation doesn’t require a business to change; it requires its people to. Speaking to Sara Asgari, Head of Transformation at 3 Sweden and Gro Arnesen-Nyhus, Head of the Intelligent Automation Department at Broadnet, we explore the role of Change Management in understanding and tackling people’s natural aversion to change. 

Check out this exclusive guide to discover the five change management practices trusted by two of the Nordics’ leading businesses. Also learn:

  • How to introduce more efficient practices without extending or overcomplicating the existing situation.
  • The benefit of inviting employees to participate in guiding organisational change.
  • How to create a positive mind-shift towards the habit of testing new ideas.

Talent & Employment: What's The Secret?

We interviewed Bjørn Mogensen, Vice President of Business Support for Diabetes Finished Production (DFP) at Novo Nordisk about talent and employment in the Nordic region. Gain exclusive insights into how Novo Nordisk indentify the best talent, their approach to the change in talent and employment with the change that technology advancements bring, how to measure ROI on your hiring decisions and much more!

Benchmarking Report: Surviving Disruption, thriving under pressure in the Nordics

Nordic Business Transformation, the Process Excellence Network and the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network bring you the Nordic Business Transformation Benchmarking Report for 2018. 

Benchmark your strategies and transformation initiatives against other industry leading businesses and ensure you’re ahead of the curve in a competitive region that is forever changing. 

SSON Analytics Report - Digital Innovation & Business Transformation in the Nordic Region 2018

SSON Analytics has blended proprietary and public data on the Nordic region to explore the key themes of the upcoming Nordic Business Transformation 2018. Flip through the pages to find out more on business transformation and digital innovation in the Nordic Business Services landscape.