What is Shared Services and Outsourcing Week?

Over the past 20 years, Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) Europe has earned its reputation as the number one event for insights and networking opportunities for the region’s industry professionals. 

In 2020, SSOW Europe celebrates two decades with the business services industry and directs its attention to uncovering how your organisation can become the engine of enterprise transformation by resetting, re-engineering and revolutionising your operations.

There has never been a more exciting time for GBS and shared services, yet, the switch from cost-cutting to growth generation and from efficiency focused to customer and employee centric is by no means a small step for even the most experienced business leaders. It requires a cohesive top-down strategy alignment, a relentless focus on delivery excellence and continuous improvement, as well as bold and future-looking leadership in driving innovation, all with people at the heart of your operations. 

The good news is that future-facing Business Service organisations now have all the tools at their disposal to become unrivalled business partners to their customers, delivering top and bottom-line savings, while simultaneously developing top talent and leaders of tomorrow. Multi-layered Business Services Centres, Innovation Hubs, Digital Workforce and new capabilities of harnessing data, skills for tomorrow will be responsible for enabling business critical decision making and for providing advanced and valued services to your organisations. Wherever you ae on your journey you cannot afford to be left behind.

Key Themes at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Europe:

Digital Transformation

As we enter a new decade, the next wave of business services transformation is upon us. The unstoppable march of the robots, within the wider context of Intelligent Automation and digitalisation, continues, however RPA is just one of several tools which can be used to enhance operations. SSOW Europe provides SSO and GBS leaders with the full picture, including the other tools which can add value, such as process mining, self-service platforms, and AI. Dedicated event sessions include case studies such as ‘Coupling Automation with Intelligence to Unleash Transformation and Growth’ and interactive panel ‘Learning from the Pioneers: Is “Automation as a Service” the Future for Enterprise Automation?’


Customer service has become more and more important both within Europe and within the Business Services industry as a whole. Now however, there is a growing understanding that you cannot deliver customer excellence without having customer service pioneers within your business. Employee experience and customer excellence are inextricably linked, and SSOW Europe will share how organisations can motivate and engage their staff in order to impact the top and the bottom line. Training and development, the creation of exceptional working environments and culture creation are just a few of the key components to ensure productivity and retention. Sessions exploring this topic include case study ‘Aligning Customer Centricity with the Ability to Deliver Globality at Scale’ and workshop ‘Driving Awesome Customer and Stakeholder Experience in your SSC’ 


Transforming to Global Business Services is a trend that was ramping up during the past few years, but is the model under threat? Whilst many organisations are “on the journey”, few have “reached the destination” and achieved the value of true GBS. And with some forward-looking operations claiming that the term “service” creates a barrier between service provider and customer, will we see a new acronym emerge? SSOW Europe explores this via case study session ‘Philips’ GBS 3.0: An Unconventional Approach to Relaunch Global Business Services’.

Showcasing Value

The concept of value-add within business services is nothing new, and yet we know that many GBS and SSO leaders still struggle to define the value they bring to their organisation. Predictive analytics is the key area to explore, but first you must get the foundations right. SSOW Europe will share how leaders can overcome the traditional views of SSOs as transactional process houses in order to be seen as valued innovation hubs. Sessions not to miss include interactive panel ‘Global Standardisation, Agility and Increased Visibility: How Can a GBS Model Add Value to your Organisation’ and case study ‘Making Innovation part of our GBS DNA’.

Featured Speakers at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Europe:

Join us at #SSOW2020, and:

  • Gather the tools to gain a seat at the strategic table and earn your role to lead the enterprise transformation
  • Grasp the possibilities (and the limitations!) of the rapidly changing digital landscape
  • Listen to use cases from companies who are creating world-class cultures within their organisations
  • Adopt the tools and practices to enable your organisation to grow and diversify your service
  • Become a pioneer for customer excellence, and develop your strategy to create the business partnering organization of the future
  • Execute your talent strategy and career path…for Gen Y, Z, and beyond!

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