Manoj Kalra

Sr Vice President DSM Group Business Services (GBS)

26 Oct 2020, Monday Business Resilience Focus Day

Monday, October 26th, 2020

27 Oct 2020, Main Conference Day One

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

10:10 AM Shared Services Prioritisation Panel: Four Tips to Prioritise and Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation

Shared Services Prioritisation Panel

Shared Service Centres are deployed to reduce costs of decentralisation, to increase the support processes for the business and to create a higher degree of strategic flexibility. What if the benefits can now be achieved virtually and remotely without having to consider the most important factor of location, which determines the success of your Shared Services strategy. COVID-19 will cause a major rethink to the relevance and existent of Shared Services. The fundamentals of Shared Services will be challenged and so will its future.

·        Identifying the top priorities to address and mould business to fit The New Norm

·        Discussing the new purpose and value of Shared Services

·        Addressing the foreseeable challenges and potential solutions to help business navigate through this transformative phase

28 Oct 2020, Main Conference Day Two

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

12:30 PM Technology Investments & Business Intelligence Panel Harnessing Cognitive Intelligence and Leveraging Data Analytics to Future Proof Business Services

Augmented Intelligence Panel

Harnessing Augmented Intelligence and Leveraging Data Analytics to Future Proof Business Services

“Augmented intelligence reflects the ongoing impact of AI in amplifying human innovation.” For years now, we tested the possibilities of automation, BI capabilities and now ventured into the realm of AI. Now more than ever, businesses need to consider the successful integration of technology into its workforce, as it is said to ultimately be able to save organisations millions to billions of dollars. As the economy is thrown into uncertainty, augmented intelligence needs to take the front-seat and drive strategies forward.

·        Exploring key success facors in achieving complex levels of “Bots and Brains” seamless integration

·        Discussing how you can leverage data analytics to support GBS in the COVID-19 era

·        Exploring how you can take the leap, transforming your BI to AI to create value through GBS

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