The 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations

The 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations

How do you become a Top Performing HR Service?

HR services has emerged from the back office to play a significant role in supporting CEOs’ strategic imperative to optimize human resources.

In its new role, HR services is no longer just about effective recruiting and career management, but about developing and supporting talent, ensuring it’s productive, and providing the framework and tools to create improved value-add for the business.

In line with operational excellence guidelines, the modern HR solution leverages strengths and knowledge where these are needed and diverts activities to self-service or automation where that serves the purpose best.

One out of five HR services have pulled ahead, providing valuable problem-solving and analytic capabilities. These "Top Performing" HR services stand out on the basis of significantly higher performance metrics, and operate at lower staffing ratios, cost and response time.

Top Performers have 10 characteristics in common that determine their success, as listed in this report. The report also includes case studies from Turner Broadcasting System, on how to leverage competency assessments as a basis for developing new field HR roles; The World Bank, on how to employ technology to improve HR service delivery; and HCA Healthcare, on how tiered services are driving operational excellence.

For executives in search of a more effective HR model, this report presents a valuable guide on how and where to focus their efforts.

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