Main Conference Day 2 - 17th June 2021

8:30 am - 9:00 am Contactless registration and refreshments

9:00 am - 9:10 am Welcoming remarks by the conference chairperson

9:10 am - 9:40 am How to Synchronise Your Operational Strategy and Business Culture in the Remote Working Era

Neal Padley - Head of Finance Shared Services, Woolworths Group

As the majority of us have experienced, work-from-home has been a whole new reality. The way we work has changed forever due to the impact of the pandemic. Expectations from both business and employee have also evolved. Many businesses have been quick to see that realising today’s opportunities begins with a focus on what people do, what their capabilities are and how to enable them. This people-centric approach is something that Woolworths’ finance function is driving. Here they share the thinking behind their new approach, the execution and results.

•          A new culture: Flipping the focus to the work, not the ‘where you work’

•          Underpinnings that enable sustainable, permanent and successful virtual work

•          Transitioning from a transactional to intelligent function

•          Supporting the enterprise’s workforce and growth objectives


Neal Padley

Head of Finance Shared Services
Woolworths Group

For every problem that the business services industry faces – pressure around cost and expenditure, supporting people in a new world of work and new challenges around offshoring and all of the process re-engineering that involves – there’s a solution. Our city is a testament to renewal and reinvigoration and is well positioned for client and customer contact and delivery operations to drive positive outcomes, thanks to a number of distinctive benefits, backed up by data and the first-hand experiences of businesses thriving in Wollongong. This presentation will provide data and examples around relevant issues to business location, including:

  • Flexible approaches to accommodation needs
  • Efficiency gains from talent acquisition and retention
  • Work-life balance and team satisfaction

Mark Grimson

Economic Development Manager
Wollongong City Council


Martin Braithwaite

General Manager, Digital Transformation, Managed Services
NEC Australia

9:55 am - 10:15 am SSON's "Must Know" Trends: Highlights from the 2021 State of Shared Services Survey

Naomi Secor - Global Managing Director, Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on SSOs to accelerate automation, adopt future of work practices, create more resilient operating structures and of course, generate tangible business value in new ways, at speed. During this session, attendees will get an up-close-and personal view of the seismic changes impacting Australasian SSOs today. In addition, attendees will go through a benchmarking exercise to assess performance across key end-to-end process areas.


Naomi Secor

Global Managing Director
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

10:15 am - 10:45 am Thought Leadership from SAP Concur

10:45 am - 11:15 am Morning Break and Refreshments

Stream A : The Evolution of Finance

11:15 am - 11:30 am Opening comments by stream chairperson

Stream A : The Evolution of Finance

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Panel Discussion: Overcoming Challenges Of Building A Disruption-Proof Foundation And Digital First Model For Finance
Rohan Liyange - CFO, Signify

Following the crisis of Covid19, finance has both demonstrated its value to business continuity, and realized its potential to become a more intelligent partner at decision making levels. Finance functions around the globe are looking to address the efficacy of their processes.

Considerations around digital uplift are on the table, such as migrating to the cloud and leveraging data analytics. However, despite opportunities in efficiency and business intelligence, many are caught in a middle ground of relying on hacks for example, and have not truly planned for a more strategic digital future.

This panel will guide you in navigating these pitfalls and our finance leaders will share their experiences around:

-What does disruption proof finance really mean?

-Practical realities from an operational risk and governance perspective 

-Opportunities in finance analytics and business intelligence 

-The importance of workforce data literacy


Rohan Liyange


Stream A : The Evolution of Finance

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Enabling Finance to Go Beyond Driving Efficiencies to Being a ‘Value Add’ for Intelligent Business

Finance has been a pillar supporting all businesses through crisis. Now many are looking at the further value they can add to the business. This session explores approaches to data governance, process improvement and people management.

•        Journey mapping and governance strategy for continuous process improvement

•        Identifying processes for RPA implementation & creating self-service - P2P, O2C, travel expenses, payroll, etc

•        Working with the SSO executive team to drive value from back to front office

Sponsored thought-leadership session

As a critical function for all businesses, finance felt the weight of crisis and needed to adapt in the midst of uncertainty. However, the question now is how has crisis impacted operations and what does the future of the finance function look like?

·        Uncovering what ‘resilience’ and ‘bounce-back ability’ truly signify for post-pandemic finance

·        The need for increased flexibility and internal alignment: a cultural lens

·        Embedding autonomy and an outcome focused approach to finance

·        Amplified appetite for collaboration between finance and other shared service functions


Rebecca Kennedy

Finance Strategy & Execution, Business Intelligence


Rachel Anderson

Head of Business Connect, Finance and Business Performance
Sydney Water


Graham Tanton

Executive Group Manager, Shared Services
ACT Government

Stream B : HR, People and Culture

11:15 am - 11:30 am Opening comments by stream chairperson

Stream B : HR, People and Culture

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Panel Discussion: How to Embed a Wellbeing Focused Growth Culture for a Blended Workforce in a New Era
Bronwyn Carman - Human Resources Director, Imperial Brands Australasia
Ben Cividin - Culture and Capability Lead, Foxtel Group

Covid19 sent the workforce home

overnight, to a remote working

environment. Feelings of isolation

had a huge impact on health and

engagement and many businesses

made it a priority to support

workforce wellbeing in uncertain

times. This panel will look at what

wellbeing support looks like in a

more blended working environment

and the benefits of getting it right for health, productivity, retention and

attraction of new talent.

• How to sustainably embed a

blended workforce

• A new focus on mental health and


• Positive growth culture - Learning

and development

• Employee attraction and retention

• How can data support wellbeing



Bronwyn Carman

Human Resources Director
Imperial Brands Australasia


Ben Cividin

Culture and Capability Lead
Foxtel Group

Stream B : HR, People and Culture

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm How to Adapt People, Culture and Workflows in a New Reality of Remote and Virtual Work

Now that crisis has shown what can be achieved remotely, shared services are being re-engineered, with new operating models emerging. Companies must consider the impact on their people and how they will respond to support them in adapting to new norms and culture.

•        A new understanding of Share Services – what is the new reality?

•        Re-engineering culture and operating models simultaneously

•        Leveraging data to understand the impact on people

•        Technology to provide support through transformation

Sponsored thought-leadership session

Stream B : HR, People and Culture

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm How Mars are Globally Pushing an Automation and Data Analytics Agenda to Enable Self-Service HR and Better Support of Workforce Wellbeing
Neal Yang - MyP&O Director (HR), Mars - China, Australia & NZ

• Fast tracking digital uplift: driving

analytics and process automation

in Mars’ goal of global self-service


• Investment in AI for analyzing big


• Expanding the scope of shared

services as a result of crisis: health

and wellbeing

» Digital innovation and data

science providing novel

support to new services

» Data tracking of wellbeing and

performance in an outcome

focused workforce

» Internal communication

enablement to foster

community in remote working

» Cross-functional collaboration

between HR and IT for online

health campaigns


Neal Yang

MyP&O Director (HR)
Mars - China, Australia & NZ

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Exclusive Session: Tesco's CEO of GBS Gives a 5 Step Introduction to Building a World Class Business Services Model

Sumit Mitra - CEO - Tesco Business Services, Tesco

Many Organisations over the last 30 years have started their journey to a shared services model — consolidating common functions and systems to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In today's competitive global economy, merely consolidating functions fails to deliver the flexibility and responsiveness companies must have to survive. Driven by the need to find new and better ways to compete and manage risks, organisations are increasingly turning toward a global business services model that is far more intuitive and prescriptive, which focuses on skill count rather than headcount and creates value for their shareholders, suppliers and colleagues. This 5 step model is an introduction to building the next generation business services. The discussion focuses on number of areas which includes (but not exhaustive):


- Why do you need GBS?

- Cost transformation

- Service management framework

- Digital transformation

- Business Assurance 



Sumit Mitra

CEO - Tesco Business Services

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm Diversity in Business Services: How Can Diversity Be Driven Through Business Services From Back to Front Office?

Tania Galbraith - Director Finance and Continuous Improvement, The Walt Disney Company
Carmen Friesema - Head of Corporate Services, Carers WA

In this panel, executives will join to discuss leadership in business services and how diversity can be embedded from the bottom-up and top-down. Areas of discussion will include:

·        What is a ‘diverse’ workforce?

·        Embedding equality at all levels: challenges and opportunities

·        The evolution of shared services as a prime opportunity to drive diversity


Tania Galbraith

Director Finance and Continuous Improvement
The Walt Disney Company


Carmen Friesema

Head of Corporate Services
Carers WA

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm Conference closing comments by conference chairperson