Moving up the value curve: a new era for shared services

While shared service professionals were ready to embrace a data-driven, value led partnership model before the recent global crisis, the value of such investment has now been magnified and the shift to intelligent services is being fast tracked to support business continuity.

From building workforce capabilities, re-evaluating your outsourcing partnerships as well as taking the next step in your automation journey, the VIRTUAL, FREE TO ATTEND 23rd Australasian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week will provide you with a roadmap and toolkit for a new era of customer centric, intelligent, business services.

What Our Attendees Had to Say...

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State of the Global Shared Services Industry Report 2020

Deep dive into our survey data which brings you highlights, lowlights and key ideas regarding where you should focus your Shared Service efforts this 2020.


The Australian Shared Services 2020 Visual Analytic Workbook

This analytics report looks into IA change management initiatives, process mining and also feature the latest automation, Finance and HR KPIs for ANZ Shared Services to benchmark themselves against.