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Presentation Packet for BFSI | Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020

Ahead of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australia, explore some of the highest rated presentations from the 2019 event. Download the presentation packet to explore insights from: MeBankMetcashStandard Bank

Shared Services & Back Office Transformation in the age of COVID-19 - Sample Report

We have developed the Shared Services & Back-Office Delivery in the Age of Coronavirus industry report as a practical guide for business leaders looking for ways to adapt and respond to the outbreak of COVID-19 and safeguard their delivery models.Download the sample report. 

Exclusive Content

The Intelligent Automation Adoption Landscape for ANZ Shared Services

In 2020, 60% of ANZ Shared Services are hoping to achieve productivity improvement targets of 8% or more. Improving end to end workflow, continuous improvement and adoption of intelligent automation (IA) have been cited as the top 3 initiatives to achieve this. This analytics report examines the current IA adoption...


Thinking about attending SSOW 2020? We are here to help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. Take a look at the ROI Toolkit which includes:Benefits of AttendingPast Attendee Snapshot SSOW Impact Awards KitDear Boss Letter

SSOW Higher Education Playbook

Looking to better manage back-office processes, higher education providers are opting to set up Shared Services Centres as a more effective and efficient means of running their operations.To better understand the benefits of shared services in higher education we explore the growing movement toward shared services, including how the model...

The 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations

How do you become a Top Performing HR Service? HR services has emerged from the back office to play a significant role in supporting CEOs’ strategic imperative to optimize human resources. In its new role, HR services is no longer just about effective recruiting and career management, but about developing...

State of the Global Shared Services Industry Report 2020

We're delighted to share SSON's annual state-of-the-industry report 2020. Each year the report takes a deep dive into our survey data to bring you highlights, lowlights and key ideas regarding where you might focus your efforts. Critically, we are now the same distance from 2050 as we are from 1990,...

The Australian Shared Services 2020 Visual Analytic Workbook

This Visual Analytics Workbook (VAW) will cover significant trends in Australia and New Zealand's Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry. It will:Begin with a landscape of Shared Services Introduce ‘agile’ as a project management methodology for Global Business Services (GBS)Feature insights from Shared Services professionals about how your business can maintain...

European Market Report 2020: State of Shared Services

This report is produced as a result of SSON’s annual survey and highlights the current status and strategies of European-based shared service delivery centers. Over the past two decades that we have been covering the global Shared Services market, we have seen extraordinary shifts in the underlying model - view...

Presentation Packet | Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020

Ahead of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australia, explore some of the highest rated presentations from the 2019 event. Explore insights from:ACT Government Telstra TAL Australia Melbourne Water You'll get to explore 50+ pages covering the implementation and evolution of Shared Services / Business Services (breakdown of presentation outline below). Fill out the form below...

Modern Shared Services: Innovating and enhancing shared services delivery

“It is now estimated that over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have implemented some form of shared services in their US operations.” - DeloitteToday’s organizations are on the march to enhance their shared service centers (SSCs), or move to a large-scale global services model to gain further efficiencies and standardization...

Who is SSON?

With over 120,000 members, the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals in the world.  

Sponsorship Information

Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020 Solution Providers Guide

Australia's Leading Shared Services & Business Transformation EventBe the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Benchmarking Workshops, Innovation Tracks, Interactive Discussion Groups and more. Download the Solution Providers Guide to see how you can get involved today!

Case Studies & Articles

Deploying and Maturing Shared Services in Higher Education: Driving cost savings and operational efficiency

Ahead of the 22nd Australasian Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2019 we explore the strategies harnessed by two Australian universities – the University of Southern Queensland, and Western Sydney University – that helped them transform their shared services and allowed them to drive cost savings and operational efficiency. 

Simplifying Operations and Reducing Costs: Insights into Telstra’s New Global Business Service Function

Ahead of the 22nd Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week we chat to David Burns, Global Business Services Group Executive at Telstra. David and his team at Telstra have been responsible for establishing the GBS itself as well as bringing all of Telstra’s people together into one function. In this...

Effective Automation Deployment: How to plan for automation hurdles in order to scale successfully

Ahead of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2019 we chat to Adrian Iaiza, Robotic Process Automation and Operational Excellence Lead at insurers, TAL Australia. Adrian explores the opportunities and challenges of prototyping, implementing and deploying robotic process automation within your shared service operations.  

[HSBC] Doubling HSBC Australia’s mortgage process capacity, with 75% reduction of time spent on analysis

Using Open Orbit’s Expertise Automation platform – HSBC users were able to complete analysis of their back- office operations. This was completed in 75% less time (4 weeks instead of the usual 3 – 4 months). Users guided by Open Orbit’s algorithm were able to suggest a few pivotal changes...


SSOW 2020 Impact Award Nomination: Customer Centricity

As shared services look to position themselves as business partners, many are refocusing their strategy to align with that of the business and are increasingly taking a design thinking approach which places the customer as the focus and starting point of everything they do. This category will focus on how...

SSOW 2020 Impact Award Nomination: Intelligent Automation

Automation can take many forms, from RPA and workflow technology to self-service systems and Artificial Intelligence. Many companies have begun exploring how they can ensure lean process improvement through automation of mundane tasks, both signaling efficiencies for the business and improvements to employee experience. Some have gone beyond this however...

SSOW 2020 Impact Award Nomination: Process Improvement & Value Creation

Process improvement is key to the continuous transformation and improvement of any business, whether it be reducing operational inefficiencies through automation, eliminating friction points for customers or process redesign as part of six sigma, to name but a few. However, as shared services drives increasing value through data analytics and...

SSOW 2020 Impact Award Nomination: Transformation & Change Management

Regardless of where your organization may be on the maturity curve of shared services transformation, change is a constant. The ability to manage change through transformations, large or small, will be critical to embedding sustainable cultural transformation which is needed for execution and growth. This award category focuses on the...

SSOW 2020 Impact Award Nomination: Business Resilience Impact Award

Yesterday’s BCP principles have, in the face of COVID-19, proven not effective enough for global Shared Services operating at the forefront of business support. The traditional operational model has fallen short, and SSO leaders must transition to a more resilient model that will secure business support for the future. This...

Fast Track your Attendance

Fast Track Your Attendance | Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020

Want to fast track your attendance to the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2020? It's easy! Simply download the registration form and email back to 


eBook: 10 Analytical Techniques to Improve Business Processes

Organisations invest a lot of time and effort in mapping business processes, however rarely is process analysis approached with the same rigor.Optimum business improvement is a product of process analysis, not of process mapping alone.Download this eBook from PRIME BPM to learn the 10 key analytical techniques to achieve all...

eBook: Top 15 Process Attributes for Optimum Process Analysis

Learn about these Top 15 process attributes that will help you undertake proper and accurate process analysis to identify inefficiencies. To learn more about PRIME BPM, click here

eBook: Improve Productivity and Agility with PRIME

Being agile will help you respond swiftly to global political and economical changes, where being productive will make you profitable and efficient while addressing these changes.Learn how to be productive and agile to beat the competition and drive the customer and employee satisfaction in this eBook from PRIME BPM. To...

ebook: The Evolution of ANZ Shared Services: trends in operating model, outsourcing, service offerings, IA & talent management

This interactive report showcases the different strategies, goals, and challenges faced by Shared Services of various maturity levels in ANZ. Key takeaways include: Although the multifunctional operating model is the most popular across all maturity levels, the functional services differ along the maturity curve. Outsourcing is still significant for SSCs...

Whitepapers & Reports

Improving Performance through Automation: R2R Insights for Shared Services

Typically, Shared Services Center (SSCs) automation initiatives have been undertaken to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Five trends for CFOs to watch

This whitepaper explores how analytics, robotics, next-gen cloud computing, cybersecurity, and evolving budget tools will shape tomorrow’s organizations

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Basware’s Purchase-To-Pay Cloud Solution

Procurement and finance departments can reduce wasteful spending and improve processes if they both use a single purchase-to-pay (P2P)\ solution. The challenges in both procurement and finance are similar, and they work with the same supplier base, but in many instances disparate systems prevent them from collaborating effectively.

5 Ways Embedded Procure-to-Pay Analytics Drives Business Performance

With vast amounts of data flowing through the procurement and finance departments every day, procure-to-pay (P2P) professionals are in a unique position to deliver critical information to the enterprise, if only they can unlock, aggregate, organize and analyze the data.

State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019: Australia & New Zealand Edition

Every year, SSON’s survey highlights enormous progression in Shared Services’ evolution. The past couple of years have shown a clear move away from transactional, human-based work towards data-driven, knowledge-based activity – enabled by automation.  Yet, and despite the anxiety unleashed by automation, this has not translated to obvious job losses....

State of The Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry: Australia & New Zealand Market Report 2018

SSON’s annual APAC state-of-the-industry report highlights the trends underpinning current shifts, identifies the ‘new, improved’ profile of the modern Shared Services team, and points to how SSOs are delivering more value by moving towards knowledge-based work.  Ahead of the 21st Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australia, this report provides insight...