Hoang Thai

Lead Data Scientist Energy Australia

Workshop Day - 15th June 2021

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

9:00 AM THE ONLY DATA ANALYTICS WORKSHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED! Re-engineering your data strategy and constructing the internal architecture for a robust analytics practice, to support business through crisis and beyond!

The recent global crisis saw an increased demand for hands on insights from business decision makers. More was expected of data teams to deliver intelligence around business and customer need. For this reason, many are re-visiting their data analytics practice, or building it out for the first time, and are finding the complexity or organising data and embedding such a practice can be huge. While no implementation is perfect, there are steps to be taken which can minimise risk and increase chances of successful implementation.

Hoang Thai has been the Lead Data Scientist at Energy Australia for a number of years and brings a wealth of experience from this data field. In this workshop he will walk you through strategies for embedding a strong and intelligent data practice across the length and breadth of your business. 

-Understanding the role of predictive analytics, intelligent automation and digitalization on future operations

-Re-engineering your data strategy to drive increased value back into business

-Moving data, creating structures and governance around data, to be consumed with more meaning

-Managing change to strive for as seamless an implementation as possible 

-Overcoming the challenge of storytelling and translating data into commercial value for the business in a remote environment 

-Blending data science with process excellence for optimal end-to-end business intelligence

-Strategies for gaining influence and moving up the value-chain to support enterprise-wide decision making

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Hoang.

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