Peter Corrigan

General Manager – ICT McKenzie Aged Care Group Pty Ltd

Main Conference Day 1 - 16th June 2021

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

10:45 AM Panel Discussion on Healthcare in Victoria: How IT Shared Services Played a Central Role in Ensuring the Continuation of Essential Healthcare in Crisis, Pivoting Overnight and Demonstrating Unrivalled Agility

Covid has shone a light on IT shared services as an agile enabler to resilience

in crisis. This session will see Maria Paz, the CIO of Villa Maria Catholic Homes,

share the response of shared services in age care during one of the largest

pandemics in history. As a celebration of the sacrifice and commitment made

by those in the health care sector during this period, she will share the pivotal

role played by IT and the opportunities for positive, sustainable recovery as we

progress into a new future for health care and shared services.

• The impact felt from Covid19 on age care: an overnight shift

• The pivotal role of IT Shared Services in driving an agile response to crisis

- Strengthening intelligence, resource optimisation and more

• Progressing out of crisis: covering cost and managing the impact in a

sustained way

• The challenge of change fatigue

• Supporting mind-set and mental health as top priority and new emerging


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Peter.

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