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2021 Sponsorship Prospectus

2021 Sponsorship Prospectus

Australia's Leading Shared Services & Business Transformation Event
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Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2021 Event Guide

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2021 Event Guide

As the largest shared services and business transformation event in Australasia, we are excited to bring you the 24th Australasian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, taking place both in-person in Sydney and Virtual on 15-17 June 2021. 

Engage and learn from over 35 speakers from leading organisations! 

State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry Report 2021

By the time you read this, it will have been a year since the first inklings of disruption made themselves felt in Wuhan, China, where a number of SSOs are based. I don’t need to remind you what happened then.

Organisations have learned that they don’t need to invest in expensive real estate, that travel can be curtailed, that they can recruit from outside their immediate commuting range, and that virtual teams work well (given enabling technologies and enough personal touch points). Indeed, the reality of digital transformation has escalated as both virtual and digital have come to define resilient operations.

Despite this, the basics of shared services remain. And in this respect, although 2020 has wrought changes, work is simply being redesigned or rethought given both limitations and opportunities. 

Every year, SSON’s Shared Services market highlights enormous progression in the service delivery model’s evolution. More specifically for this year, SSON is choosing a more strategic phrase to define the moment: “Staying Ahead.”

Discover more about the state of the industry and where we are headed next, download your exclusive copy today.

Achieving Net Zero At Least Cost: An Executive Review

Achieving Net Zero At Least Cost: An Executive Review

The report by written in partnership with IQPC Connect and Energy Action grew out of an executive roundtable which gathered energy and sustainability executives from Woolworths, BP, Auspost, AMP Capital, Downer and more in November of 2020.

Discussions deep-dived into the challenges of achieving Net Zero, following new global commitments to reach Net-Zero emissions by 2050, to support others on the same path

This paper touches upon 5 key areas:

  • The evolving state of corporate responsibility surrounding sustainability
  • Understanding and overcoming the energy trilemma – balancing energy security, cost and least carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero
  • Challenges in creating a cohesive decarbonisation strategy
  • Strategies and challenges on the path to achieving Net zero
  • Use case examples of progressing towards Net Zero: UNSW’s consortium with Energy Action

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SSOW Higher Education Playbook

SSOW Higher Education Playbook

Looking to better manage back-office processes, higher education providers are opting to set up Shared Services Centres as a more effective and efficient means of running their operations.

To better understand the benefits of shared services in higher education we explore the growing movement toward shared services, including how the model fits within the unique mission, and various attributes of the higher education environment.

Featuring insights and perspectives from Yale University as well as three Australian universities, the University of Southern Queensland, Monash University and Western Sydney University, we explore the strategies that helped them transform their shared services and allowed them to drive cost savings and operational efficiency.

Fill out the below to read the 34 page playbook to learn more! 

The 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations

The 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations

How do you become a Top Performing HR Service?

HR services has emerged from the back office to play a significant role in supporting CEOs’ strategic imperative to optimize human resources.

In its new role, HR services is no longer just about effective recruiting and career management, but about developing and supporting talent, ensuring it’s productive, and providing the framework and tools to create improved value-add for the business.

In line with operational excellence guidelines, the modern HR solution leverages strengths and knowledge where these are needed and diverts activities to self-service or automation where that serves the purpose best.

One out of five HR services have pulled ahead, providing valuable problem-solving and analytic capabilities. These "Top Performing" HR services stand out on the basis of significantly higher performance metrics, and operate at lower staffing ratios, cost and response time.

Top Performers have 10 characteristics in common that determine their success, as listed in this report. The report also includes case studies from Turner Broadcasting System, on how to leverage competency assessments as a basis for developing new field HR roles; The World Bank, on how to employ technology to improve HR service delivery; and HCA Healthcare, on how tiered services are driving operational excellence.

For executives in search of a more effective HR model, this report presents a valuable guide on how and where to focus their efforts.

State of the Global Shared Services Industry Report 2020

State of the Global Shared Services Industry Report 2020

We're delighted to share SSON's annual state-of-the-industry report 2020.

Each year the report takes a deep dive into our survey data to bring you highlights, lowlights and key ideas regarding where you might focus your efforts. Critically, we are now the same distance from 2050 as we are from 1990, when Shared Services was born – an excellent basis for defining the new ‘Shared Services of the future’.

Our survey this year was longer than usual, because we wanted to find out about all kinds of things: Where do you stand on cloud? How much is RPA integration costing you beyond cost of license? How do you see your career progressing? What's your data strategy? (Do you even have one?). Download the full Global Shared Services Industry report to see where you stand.

The Australian Shared Services 2020 Visual Analytic Workbook

The Australian Shared Services 2020 Visual Analytic Workbook

This Visual Analytics Workbook (VAW) will cover significant trends in Australia and New Zealand's Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry. It will:

  • Begin with a landscape of Shared Services 
  • Introduce ‘agile’ as a project management methodology for Global Business Services (GBS)
  • Feature insights from Shared Services professionals about how your business can maintain its competitive edge
  • Dive into the scope of Centres of Excellence (COEs) and the challenges in building a COE
  • Explore how to overcome Intelligent Automation barriers
  • Share benchmarks on Finance, HR and Automation 

Take a look at the VAW and navigate your way through the report. 

European Market Report 2020: State of Shared Services

European Market Report 2020: State of Shared Services

This report is produced as a result of SSON’s annual survey and highlights the current status and strategies of European-based shared service delivery centers.

Over the past two decades that we have been covering the global Shared Services market, we have seen extraordinary shifts in the underlying model - view the report to find out what these are.

The report focuses on:

  • The top services provided by Shared Services Centres
  • How enterprises benefit from Shared Services Centres
  • Their plans to expand services and what they are leveraging
  • The impact of IA and BPO on growth and performance
  • The year of IA and Data: opportunities for solution providers
  • Challenges deploying and scaling the services of the future
Presentation Packet | Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020

Presentation Packet | Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2020

Ahead of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australia, explore some of the highest rated presentations from the 2019 event. 

Explore insights from:

  • ACT Government 
  • Telstra 
  • TAL Australia 
  • Melbourne Water 

You'll get to explore 50+ pages covering the implementation and evolution of Shared Services / Business Services (breakdown of presentation outline below). Fill out the form below to access this exclusive presentation packet!

Modern Shared Services: Innovating and enhancing shared services delivery

Modern Shared Services: Innovating and enhancing shared services delivery

          “It is now estimated that over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have implemented some form of shared services in their US operations.” - Deloitte

          Today’s organizations are on the march to enhance their shared service centers (SSCs), or move to a large-scale global services model to gain further efficiencies and standardization across locations and activities. 

          If you’re part of the 80%, then like them, you’re probably not all the way to achieving the full range of potential benefits. Our latest report looks into doing just that.

          Download the report to discover how to unlock greater value from your SSC and learn about:

          • Digitization Comes to Shared Services 
          • Spotlight on SSCs: Fast Facts 
          • 4 Signs That You’re Ready For a Shared Services Upgrade 
          • 5 Technologies to Improve SSC Performance 
          • 7 Strategies to Enhance SSC Performance Maturity
          • SunTrust’s Journey to Improved SSC Efficiency
          Who is SSON?

          Who is SSON?

          With over 120,000 members, the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals in the world.