Imagine if Your SAP Project was Business-led…

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Learn how to achieve IT alignment and mitigate the risks in ERP projects

Half of all large-scale IT projects fail. And the ratio is probably higher in Shared Services. Here’s how to sleep soundly at night.

Last month – after analysing 5,400 large IT projects – McKinsey reported that "Half of all large IT projects massively blow their budgets – and 56% deliver less value than predicted". Anecdotal evidence suggests that the situation is probably even worse in global Shared Services programs, where complexity can be compounded.

Automation and operational efficiency are core to the value proposition for global shared services organizations. And, expected savings in service delivery costs often depend critically upon huge ERP consolidation projects. So, in shared services it is even more crucial to ensure IT alignment.

Key learning points:

  • According to McKinsey, the data is clear: Effective collaboration is the key to success. How to achieve it in practice.
  • How to ensure that yours is a ‘business transformation program enabled by IT’ and NEVER simply ‘an IT project’.
  • How to automate successfully
  • How to stop your systems implementation partner from seizing the wheel
  • How to drive standardisation (and manage the inevitable variants efficiently).

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