The SSON Impact Awards

Annual achievements of the highest level for Shared Services operations around the globe are represented by SSON's regional Impact Awards.

The Impact Awards are presented at our flagship regional events across the world, and cover operations right around the globe. No matter where they are held, the Impact Awards honor, recognize, and promote Shared Services that demonstrate leading practices.

These Impact Awards form the industry's benchmark in terms of best practice and process excellence, and provide an opportunity for Shared Services professionals to gain recognition for their achievements and their initiative. Winning an Impact Award is an honor that past recipients have been proud to broadcast to their clients, as well as their organization-at-large.

SSON has established categories based on the core competencies of shared delivery. We encourage applications that demonstrate "impact achieved", i.e. success as a result of your shared services operations. The applications process has been designed to be as simple as possible. It does not require weeks of research and writing, but rather a good description of what you and your team have achieved in support of shared services.

Applications are via a Word document. Feel free to include photos, images, videos, and any other material that supports your application. It's your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your team.

Regional Awards Applications available via:

North American Impact Awards
European Impact Awards
Australian Impact Awards
Asia Impact Awards
German Impact Awards 

Apply today – and have your SSO recognized for its achievements. Applications are free. 


If you have any general questions regarding the Excellence Awards, please send an email to