The SSON Impact Awards

SSON's Impact Awards represent the highest level of recognition for the impact shared services have on enterprise. 

The shared services model has evolved significantly from the early days of cost savings. Today, SSOs are increasingly positioned as partners, striving to support the business in its objectives, while at the same time helping to solve problems, and pre-empting challenges through data analytics-based insights. 

SSON's Impact Awards cover seven critical areas that deliver quantifiable results. These include Impact Awards for Finance Transformation; Human Resources; Process Improvement/Value Creation; Talent Management; Business Resiliency; Automation; and new this year: Diversity and Inclusion. 

The awards are open to shared services and GBS globally, with winners announced at SSON's flagship events - Shared Services and Outsourcing Week - in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. In each of these regions, Impact Award winners represent shared services operating at the peak of their performance, and demonstrating leading practices. 

These awards provide an opportunity for professionals and their teams to be recognized for their initiatives and achievements, and to proudly reflect these accolades back to their business customers and their organizations at large. 

Award winners are held up as examples to the industry, and widely promoted across SSON's various channels. 

We encourage applications that demonstrate "impact" , i.e. measurable success as a result of shared services operations. The applications process has been designed to be as simple as possible, based on succinct descriptions and summaries of what has been achieved., as opposed to weeks  of research. Each application is judged by a panel of highly experienced shared services practitioners. 

2021 Awards Categories:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award (Brand New for 2021!)
  • Automation Impact Award
  • Business Resiliency Impact Award
  • Creative Talent Management Impact Award
  • Process Improvement & Value Creation Impact Award
  • Human Resources Impact Award
  • Finance Transformation Impact Award

Regional Awards Applications available via:

North American Impact Awards
European Impact Awards
Australasian Impact Awards
Asia Impact Awards

2021 Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • SSOW North American Impact Awards open April 16th and close July 30th
  • SSOW Asia Impact Awards open February 19th and close June 18th 
  • SSOW Europe Impact Awards open March 1st and close July 1st
  • SSOW Australasian Impact Awards open February 19th and close June 2nd
  • SSOW Germany - To be released soon! 

Apply today – and have your SSO recognized for its achievements. Applications are free. 

If you have any general questions regarding the Excellence Awards, please send an email to