Achieving operational excellence in SSC through BPM & ECM

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Find out how a leading Pharmaceutical Giant achieved Operational Excellence through BPM & ECM by centralizing its F&A processing

The corporate world is embracing SSCs for reasons beyond labor arbitrage. They envision SSC’s as an organization’s Center of Excellence (CoE) that provides better service, compliance, uniform standard operating procedures across disparate entities, and of course cost optimization.

While SSCs strive to stabilize processes, they also help the parent organizations in continuous improvement and act as catalysts for change. SSCs adapt to the changes faster than their operational counterparts and hence contribute directly to helping the parent organizations in faster realization of business benefits.

Join David Powell, Sr. Director (Global Finance Process), Compliance of leading Pharmaceutical conglomerate AstraZeneca as he explains how his company was able to achieve operational excellence through BPM & ECM.

The webinar would also feature, S. Sriram, Senior Consultant - SSC, Newgen Software, who will take you through the SSC implementation process and share invaluable insights, revealing ways of achieving the highest levels of performance and efficiency through Shared Services.

I would like to invite you to attend the webinar and participate in this forum on best practices for running a shared service.

This webinar will reveal the secrets of how a leading Pharmaceutical Giant achieved the following:

  • Return on Investment of 135%
  • Headcount reduction of 60% against a global average of 20%
  • Audit and compliance management process trimmed from 5 days to 3 days.
  • Operational efficiency and agility to the entire payment process
  • Smoother coordination and collaboration among stakeholders present in different countries
  • Overall streamlined processing of invoices in multiple countries with the company’s SOPs
  • Real time dashboards for process visibility to different stakeholders enabling both short term decision making and long term continuous process improvement