Tired of poor service quality? Add transparency and control with Enterprise Content Management

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In 60 Minutes Learn how to solve 3 Critical SSC Issues:

  1. Efficiency deficits caused by a lack of integration between systems, processes and required documents
  2. Poor service quality to internal and external customers of the shared service organization
  3. Missed achievement of full savings potential in the shared service center

Business processes delivered through Shared Services, regardless of their complexity or value, all have one thing in common: information. Information drives a business, aids decisions and enables transactions. Some of that key information is contained in content such as emails, letters, voice recordings, images, fax etc. Access to that content, in context, is key to success.

In this webinar we look at how information and content supports and optimizes the business processes. Using some real-life examples, we’ll show how using Open Text’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite to consistently, reliably and securely manage all types of content, will aid in delivering success. In particular, Angela and Tom will focus on optimizing accounts payable and employee file management.

About OpenText
OpenText is the world’s largest independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. The Company’s solutions manage information for all types of business, compliance and industry requirements in the world’s largest companies, government agencies and professional service firms. OpenText supports approximately 46,000 customers and millions of users in 114 countries and 12 languages. For more information about OpenText, visit www.opentext.com.

OpenText And SAP: A Strategic Alliance
OpenText and SAP share close to two decades of partnership and co-development. OpenText Solutions for SAP is a complementary portfolio that extends the value of the SAP® Business Suite from an end-to-end solution standpoint, addressing strategy to execution and enabling business transformation. OpenText is the market leader in ECM solutions for use with SAP applications, deploying solutions to more than 3,000 SAP customer sites around the world.