Create a Robust Governance Model to Drive Value in your Shared Services & BPO

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' In the governance model of the future, the focus will be less on process execution and more on demand generation, value creation and customer satisfaction' -
Matamba Austin, Director of Shared Services and outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP

Do you have difficulty tracking and generating value on an ongoing basis in your Shared Services Center or BPO?

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could make governance information more visible and understand the services that are performing well, while filtering out those risks that threaten delivery, such as:

  • Complicated and laborious collection of governance information
  • Disruption in root cause analysis where performance levels are not as expected
  • Lack of visibility on how risks, issues and SLA performance are impacting each other
  • Challenges against improved performance and demonstrating value

Join this Webinar and hear the Head of Product Development for Service Frame, Daniel Berman, discuss practical approaches that will lead your organization to:

  • Discover the difference between 'oversight' and 'insight' based governance
  • Identify the key questions that a good governance process should answer
  • Benchmark your service levels through a healthy governance model
  • Drive your staff to become analysts and not just collectors of data