Implementing Successful Shared Services and BPO: Building a Platform for Success

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What are the key elements that lead to successful shared services implementations?

In this webinar, Onno Schýssler of Linde AG and Stefan Meixner of TPI will share practical experiences of implementing shared services and will discuss the elements that must be in place to achieve lasting success – whether or not outsourcing is a part of the mix. In particular, Onno and Stefan will focus on the importance of:

  • Company strategy and direction from management
  • Management support and funding to launch an assessment and business case creation
  • Communication and integration of stakeholders in the project
  • Strong management support to balance corporate benefit against local interests
  • Planned project methodology, management and communication to manage intensive work effort on time and on budget
  • Early involvement of HR
  • Due diligence visits to captive and BPO shared service centres
  • For BPO: early connection with service providers to gain comfort still keeping a competitive process