Improving Business Outcomes – Moving from “BPO as cost saver” to “BPO as a transformational platform”

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We know your challenge: transform and grow the business, and cut costs. Come hear what BB&T have to say in this complimentary webinar about the value of BPO in transforming their businesses. In this interactive discussion with BPO leader Cognizant Technology Solutions, they will share real case studies that highlight:

  • IT and BPO synergies, and how true business transformation is happening when business processes and the systems that support them are being aligned and improved, from both fronts.
  • BPO as a strategic initiative, and how, as CEOs recognize the need to change to compete and integrate on a global level, they are seeing the need for greater synergies between the worlds of the CIO, CFO and CSCO.
  • Justifying the case for BPO – yes, there are huge costs savings, but what else should drive the business case?

Tune is as we deliver real-life information on how strategically-planned and implemented BPO drives dramatic performance and business improvements.