iTOPS (Integrated Technology and Operations) for Shared Services – The Next Value Frontier

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The approach to shared services outsourcing and globalization has evolved significantly over the years. Companies today are expanding shared services’ scope beyond cost and complexity reduction – and are focusing on strategic business enablement. This applies specifically to functions such as F&A, HR, and IT, which are now mature and frequently globalized, and spans industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Hospitality and Life Sciences. As shared services continues to evolve, companies looking for new levels of value are seeking global flexibility, sourcing agility, and continuous innovation – paving the way for iTOPS –Integrated Technology and Operations.

iTOPS: The next wave of innovation

iTOPS is defining shared services’ value proposition for the future. As a business leader who aspires to deliver higher levels of business outcome, understanding this game-changing approach is critical.

Attend this webinar to learn how iGATE helps global companies develop their shared services strategy by applying innovations that transform their shared services centers. Paragon’s CFO, Wolfgang Hombrecher, will share his journey and partnership with iGATE, highlighting the kinds of innovations that have transformed service delivery at Paragon. You will also hear about success stories from F500 companies across other industries.

Discussion highlights will include:

  • Trends and new imperatives of transformation in shared services
  • Relevance of integrated IT and operations for a higher order of business outcomes
  • Shared services journey including management vision, challenges, drivers, benefits, best practices and future value drivers: Case study of the Paragon experience
  • Success stories from F500 companies
  • iGATE’s business outcomes-driven iTOPS for shared services