Order to Cash Evolution: An Insider’s Guide

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‘Do you need access to a lower cost of delivery? Do you have the opportunity to look at the ‘Art of the Possible?’

Implementation of an outsourcing strategy is never easy no matter what core reason lies behind the decision to outsource. Whether it is to strip back costs, add value to current processes or implement process improvement - BPO is never a bed of roses.
For example: do you outsource first and have the provider fix processes and problems or should you fix the issues before you outsource? One of the many questions you may be currently chewing on if you are considering outsourcing.

In this FREE webinar – Carl Barnes, a veteran of Shared Services implementation and re-engineering tells of his experiences in being able to reduce costs by 50%, achieve measureable SLA’s and ground breaking DSO. With experiences gained from working with global organizations who partnered with Sutherland Global Services, he will candidly discuss some of the criteria which determined these organizations’ decision to select Sutherland as a BPO partner:

Cultural: Gaining trust and partnership, flexibility and adaptability
Financial: One price – inclusive of people, technology and governance
The Solution: Best fit delivery model with technology led transformation

But nothing new is without its challenges and this presentation will follow that journey. It will take us from initial steps and challenges, to tips on turning the corner, to getting on the road to steady state, and to finally reach a stage managing improvement.