Tips for leveraging Indirect Spend to Deliver Value

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Indirect procurement is a source of opportunity for CPOs, but many fail to leverage this spend. According to the latest research by the Procurement Leaders Network, more than 2/3 of companies struggle with their indirect spend
Can you relate with the following?

Many CPO’s struggle to have the depth of talent to source indirect spend categories; similarly they struggle with enforcing compliance across the business.

  • According to Germany’s purchasing association BME, the average cost per order still remains at €200 per order, whereas top quartile P2P
  • performers such as Deutsche Bank and Lufthansa have a total cost of just €9.

In this Webinar, Bob Booth, Head of Product Development for Procurement Outsourcing at Capgemini will present practical tips to help CPOs manage indirect spend more effectively while exploring:

  • Market trends, growing demand and supply for procurement outsourcing
  • Building a business Case for outsourcing –efficiency, effectiveness and/or control?
  • Possible scope for and approach to outsourcing - What can outsourcers do that traditional insourced businesses models struggle to do and vice versa?
  • The next 5 years – is this a tipping point?