Better HR Service Delivery Through Shared Services

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Want to know the trends that are shaping the scope and funding of HR shared services initiatives? What are today’s top performing organizations doing to improve their shared services operations?

Join us for this 60-minute webcast with HR Shared Services expert, Ken Millen, Director, KPMG. A human resources and information systems executive with 40 plus years of experience. Ken will answer inquiries such as:

  • Why are best-in-class organizations embracing a multi-tiered model for service delivery – and how has that model has shifted in just 5 years?
  • What enabling technologies can help an organization accelerate its Service Center performance objectives?
  • What’s the current thinking on hot topics including virtual vs centralized centers, KPIs, and employee relations and what impact do they have on an organization's future direction?
  • Prepare questions for Ken and then tune on the day in to hear one of the most respected consultants in the Shared Services consulting industry share the best of the best’s secrets to success.