How to Drive Better Customer Communications and Business Processes for Improved Performance

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Communications with customers, vendors and partners are an essential part of every business and of every Shared Services implementation. A solid communications framework, therefore, is the foundation for a successful launch, as it facilitates buy in; engages your customers, suppliers and stakeholders; and provides a mechanism for guiding change management as part of your implementation.

While every company has unique needs and challenges, OpenText's results-based solutions simplify the identification and adoption of the most effective communication solution to meet your stakeholders’ needs. Find out how StreamServe supports centralized, standardized business processes and sustainable service through reliable communications tools that, first, segment stakeholder groups; and second, tailor the right message.

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The session is presented by:

Maria Granl÷f, Principal Solution Consultant at OpenText

Maria Granlöf
Maria works as a Solution Consultant, helping companies identify what solutions that can be used to solve different challenges. Her absolute greatest strength is her ability to understand both the technical side as well as the business side. No product in the world can help you if the people that use it don’t understand it, don’t want to use it, or simply are not interested.