Data Privacy in the Age of ‘The Internet of Me'

This webinar will take place on:
February 09, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

The world is flooded with our personal data. Ever wondered what the future holds for all this information?

Although it seems that Covid-19 might have slowed down legislation, data privacy is here to stay, and its everywhere. Shared service and contact centers record and archive millions of calls on a daily basis. All of this information needs to be managed and controled in a way that complies with a multitude of regulations and is fit for a remote and virtual environment.

In this exclusive webinar, our speakers will be sharing results from a survey conducted amongst 300 IT managers regarding privacy management and future plans for their contact centers. Focusing in on:

  • Data Privacy as the key for customer experience
  • How organizations can be proactive and adopt "Privacy by Design approach"
  • Combining best practices and technology for a robust and water-tight privacy policy
  • How to cope with privacy regulations, (GDPR, CCPA and similar)
  • Different aspects of privacy regulation: risks and opportunities


Ossi Dobzinski
Product Marketing Manager

Ossi is a professional marketing manager with 13 years of experience in brand and product marketing from world leading companies such as Nestle and HP. As a Product Marketing Manager at NICE, Ossi is responsible for driving marketing strategy and thought leadership, campaigns, and sales enablement for NICE’s Compliance Center, Fraud, and Authentication solutions.

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