The Importance of Secure File Sharing: How Bell Canada and CARE Canada Fuel Productivity through Better Content Access

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[This webinar takes place at 11am ET, 4pm GMT, and 5pm Continental European time]

Who is this for? If you are part of the management team driving greater collaboration through Shared Services, whether internally or with customers and other stakeholders, then this webinar is for you.

An emerging challenge: How to offer mobile access to high-volume, confidential files to increase the mobility, accessibility and control of business-critical content without sacrificing the security demanded by internal policies and industry regulations?

Every day, business users need to collaborate, share documents, and communicate ideas that drive the business forward. But with BYOD turning this activity into a potential security minefield, how do you encourage better collaboration without risking legal and regulatory breaches?

Join this live webinar: "Improved Performance Through Centralized Information Management", where Bell Canada and CARE Canada will explain how they dealt with challenges like:

  • Use of consumer tools as a workaround
  • Difficulty in connecting and collaborating
  • Unsecure, inconvenient, expensive file sharing methods
  • Lack of document transparency, audit trail

to get to:

  • Reliable, secure file sharing and synchronization
  • Mobile access to files via preferred devices
  • Reduced turnaround for document collaboration from days to hours
  • Lower operational costs
  • Cloud-based file sharing

Register now to find out how bringing together file sync and share solutions with existing content management toolswill securely connect content to people, and people to each other, driving innovation throughout your enterprise.

In addition be prepared for:

  • What today’s workers expect and how to make sure you can deliver
  • How not to put information governance and security at risk
  • How to combine secure "file sync and share" tools with other business solutions

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