Harnessing Financial Data for Business Intelligence: Aligning Strategies, Technology and Users

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Even after 20+ years of building centralized, scalable information architecture, most organizations struggle to convert data into information quickly enough to make better decisions. The problem? The goals, priorities and methods of technology management professionals don’t match those of the business users they should ideally serve.

In this webinar, guest speaker Boris Evelson, VP and principal analyst serving application development and delivery professionals at Forrester Research, Inc., focuses on how to build an innovative action plan that gets both technology management and business professionals aligned in order to win, serve and retain customers.

Matt Montgomery, industry manager for Perceptive Software, explores intelligent data capture and extraction technologies that enable enterprises to harness business intelligence from their accounting and finance operations. Matt also shares examples of how Perceptive Software clients drive more value to their enterprises by leveraging both structured and unstructured content for daily decision making.

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