LDS Church and the Global Journey toward Paper-free Accounts Payable

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Despite optimistic predictions over the last four decades about "going paperless," automating document-intensive processes such as accounts payable has been an elusive goal for most companies.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints might not be an organization you’d generally consider benchmarking against. And yet Mark Seethaler, Global Payments Manager, faces the same challenges you face: His organization operates across 150 countries; has over 400 missions; supports more than 80,000 full time missionaries; works with 150,000 active vendors including 16 vendor sets; and processes over 1.5 million invoices per year. Historically, LDS Church trained and authorized over 1,500 processors world-wide for voucher entry and approval reviews.

Mark realized that going paperless in Accounts Payables would get him the "low hanging fruit" in terms of cost savings, that he needed. It did all that and more.

Mark and his team have aggressively transformed their global AP operations into a lean, efficient, world-class shared services organization, eliminating the costs associated with paper-handling as a key objective. In this webinar, you will learn how strategic technology decisions and project priorities influenced decisions on the different dimensions of Paperless Office Maturity, and Mark will share the resulting, hard-dollar benefits to his organization.

Find out how the Paperless Office Maturity ModelSM for Accounts Payable can benefit your operations.