The Strategic Finance Function: Big Data and Analytics as an Essential Tool

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It is becoming increasingly clear to the vast majority of finance leaders that business analytics are integral to the success of harnessing Big Data within an organization. Delivering data analytics and reporting as a service can contribute significantly to reducing cost and risk, while improving business performance.

Join this complimentary webinar to find out about best practices for a centralized approach to enterprise-wide analytics, along with innovative solutions aligned to today's CFO agenda. We'll also present real examples of CFO Analytics solutions that have been applied in global organizations, highlighting how these services help CFOs in their traditional role of Chief Accounting Officer.

How are organizations benefitting from analytics?

  • One of Capgemini's clients identified a cost of 200 Euros to process the company's order when industry best practice cost was just 8 Euros, and took steps to eliminate inefficiency
  • Another successfully reduced working capital by 27% by improving inventory turnover and reducing Days Sales Outstanding
  • Another reduced pricing errors and disputes with customers by 88% and improved collection cycle time, reducing Days Sales Outstanding by 36 days
  • Another identified a massive 36million Euros potential savings in its overall supply chain and production costs

Terence Sandiford, Global Analytics Solutions Lead for Business Process Outsourcing at Capgemini will provide a perspective on the challenges in breaking down silos and leveraging Big Data most effectively.