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25 - 27 November, 2019 | Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom

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Microsoft Behind the Scenes: Data and Artificial Intelligence

In the fast-paced world of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies must be agile and ready to adapt to change. In the lead up to Intelligent Automation Week 2019, we spoke to Ramshanker Krishnan, the Senior Director of Enterprise Services Delivery in Data & AI at Microsoft, spoke to us...

Top 4 Intelligent Automation Resources

Intelligent Automation Week 2019 is fast approaching, so we have prepared a content bundle to fast track you on some of the amazing topics we will be discussing this year. From implementing Intelligent Automation how-to guides, to in-depth interviews with industry leaders, we are covering a swathe of crucial topics...

Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Report 2019

SSON recently surveyed over 200 Shared Services practitioners who have a vested interest in succeeding with intelligent automation. This report provides you with an assessment of the key priorities and areas of investment in 2019 and beyond. This is your unique opportunity to benchmark and gain critical knowledge of where...

3 Aspects of Change Management Determine Automation's Success

Technology can generally be relied upon to ‘work’. Generally speaking, it’s the easy part. That is not to say that large technology programmes aren’t complex, of course, but implementing technology takes predictable effort and has predictable outcomes.With any transformation programme, you are asking people to change what they do and...

How Vodafone are Transforming Customer Experience using NLP and OCR

Ahead of Intelligent Automation Week 2019, we spoke to Kevin Knowles, Head of Contact Automation at Vodafone Group. Kevin provides an insightful overview of TOBi, Vodafone’s front-end facing chatbot that utilizes the aforementioned technologies to enhance the customer experience.

Attendee List | Intelligent Automation Week 2019

See who's attending the 4th Annual Intelligent Automation Week 2019

Changing Trends in the Intelligent Automation Industry

In this article we will look at the patterns and trends collected in the Intelligent Automation Report 2018 and compare them to the current state of the industry.

Developing Ethical & Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence with Telefonica

In an exclusive interview with Richard Benjamins, Data & AI Ambassador for Telefonica, we discuss how organisations can develop artificial intelligence in an ethical and trustworthy way. Looking at unintended risks of the tool, we discover how Telefonica are using AI for the good of society as well as how...

A Guide to the Intelligent Automation Technology Ecosystem

The Technology Ecosystem is one of the most common buzzwords in the technology space. But what exactly is a Technology Ecosystem, and how can your organisation build one?In this exclusive Guide to the Technology Ecosystem, we share with you how Intelligent Automation technologies can work together to drive results as...

How to Scale your Automation Capabilities

Discover the four best practices needed to implement your Intelligent Automation Initiatives at scale, allowing you to create the best value for money and achieve significant results.

2018 Intelligent Automation Week Show Report

We've put together an exclusive Show Report which summarises the key takeaways, audience profiles and early bird discount applications for 2019! 

The Best of 2018 Intelligent Automation Resources

Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Report

The Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Report provides you with an assessment of the key priorities and areas of investment in 2018 and beyond. This is your unique opportunity to benchmark and gain critical knowledge of where you stand against your peers on this remarkable future-forging journey . This exclusive Report provides...

IA Week 2018 - Sample Delegate List

See who joined us for IA Week 2018

Where to Automate?

We speak with automation experts and Intelligent Automation Week participants Anna Alechno, IKEA and Rajwinder Singh, Ericsson about the pivotal process of identifying when and where to implement robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML).

Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H1 2018)

Since 2017, we have witnessed a significant uptick in enterprise adoption of Intelligent Automation across its various platforms. In just the last year, hundreds of programs have kicked off, and passed key milestones. While pilots and new implementations are frequently still in the realm of robotic desktop automation and robotic...

Intelligent Automation Week - Cognitive Automation & Artificial Intelligence

See what the stand out sessions are for targeting exactly the Cognitive Automation & Artificial Intelligence stage. 

A Year in Intelligent Automation

An exclusive deep-dive into the world on Intelligent Automation and the next steps for business leaders

Infographic: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation (IA) is the buzzword across a variety of industries in the contemporary tech space. While the technologies under IA may have almost limitless potential, the question asked by many at the c-level is, where does it fit in?The automation market has also become more mature this year, from...

The Best of 2017 Intelligent Automation Resources

Infographic: The RPA Life Cycle

Implementing Robotic Process Automation can provide a host of benefits for firms globally, but how does a business go about forming an RPA solution, and how do you know what to do when you come to a fork in the road?This infographic covers:The initial stages of planning your RPA strategyRolling...

RPA & AI BFSI: Scribed Sessions!

Our sister summit, RPA & AI for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 2017, was packed full of insightful content from an amazing line-up of speakers.If you didn't manage to attend, there's still a way to see some key highlights. Uniquely, we had the entire summit live scribed (think courtroom artist,...

An Artificial Intelligence Glossary Part 1+2

We are now living in a world in which artificial intelligence (AI) is not the future - it is the present. Businesses and companies all over the globe are using AI to create better and more efficient processes. Today, the use of AI is around every corner. Everything from how...

A Year in RPA: Analysing the transforming industry

Robotics Process Automation is very fast paced, and it pays to keep up. In as little as 12 months, RPA solutions can transform business processes radically. The process automation industry is set to grow by as much as 60% before 2020, so businesses need to adapt now so they are...

RPA Week Scribed Sessions

Intelligent Automation is transforming industries worldwide, with a handful of innovative companies leading the way. So how are they doing it? We found out at our flagship summit, RPA Week, and if you didn't make it, don't panic, we have a great collection of the key insights for you! The...

Data & RPA: How robotics is revolutionising data analytics

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is already being applied to data by companies across the globe. Are you prepared to take the next step in data analytics?Find out what three leading companies, ISG, Deloitte and McKinsey & Company, have to say about RPA and the impact it has on their businessesRead...

Infographic: An RPA State of Mind

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a hot topic in a myriad of industries. If you are still wondering what RPA is, the benefits of RPA or how to get started on implementing an RPA solution here's a 101 breakdown of RPA. The infographic gives a brief overview of the basics...

RPA Alternate Uses

The uses of RPA in the HR and Finance sectors are well documented, but what other industries are ready for the introduction of RPA?Find out how RPA can help the following industries: HealthcareSupply ChainUtilitiesBPOCustomer ServiceTravelHear what Anthony Ryan, Head of Procurement operations & Supply Chain – RPA COE Lead at...

AI in Retail

Hear what two experts in the AI Retail industry have to say about the opportunities and challenges they faceCarl Watt, Strategy Analytics Senior Manager from Dixons Carphone, and Daniel Gebler, Chief Technology Officer from Picnic give us an insight into using AI in the world of retail. Find out how...

Robotic Process Automation Benchmarking Report 2017

To successfully implement a cutting edge robotics strategy, you need to understand the market and, more importantly, what everyone else is doing (and why!).The PEX Network’s Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Benchmarking Report 2017 will provide you with an assessment of the key priorities, alongside the areas of investment...

The Future of RPA

RPA is revolutionising processes across a variety of industries, but what’s next for automation? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is top of the charts when it comes to opportunities in process excellence for companies worldwide. But what is the next step on the automation journey? This interview delves into the interesting...