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23 - 25 November, 2020 | London

3 Aspects of Change Management Determine Automation's Success

3 Aspects of Change Management Determine Automation's Success

Technology can generally be relied upon to ‘work’. Generally speaking, it’s the easy part. That is not to say that large technology programmes aren’t complex, of course, but implementing technology takes predictable effort and has predictable outcomes.

With any transformation programme, you are asking people to change what they do and how they do it. People is the key word. More transformation initiatives fail as a direct result of poor or insufficiently thought out change management than for any other reason. Quite simply: If you cannot effectively support and enable the transition from today to tomorrow’s vision, your initiative will at best not meet expectations and at worst fail altogether.

Here, we offer tips to effective change management that will guide leaders tasked with introducing,implementing and scaling automation.

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