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June 16 - 19, 2020
Dallas, TX

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Shared Services for Finance & Accounting 2020: Past Attendee List

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.

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Three Ways to Improve Your SSO's Efficiency & Effectiveness

In this exclusive Q&A, Cindy Pauls, Director of Shared Service at Borden Dairy Company, shares insights on:Top objectives/priorities for Borden Dairy Company in 2019How to best examine end-to-end processes to assess readiness for automationThree tips to improve your SSO’s efficiency & effectiveness in 2019

Allianz Takes an Ecosystem Approach to Intelligent Automation

The diversity of customers now trialing and adopting Intelligent Automation exposes the complexity and challenges of doing it right—from small pilots and discrete sub-process deployments to, increasingly,major transformation programs claiming RPA at the core. Take a look at this interview with global insurer Allianz to see how they went about...

Exclusive Content

Raising the Bar with Automation and Talent: The Next Step for U.S. Finance & Accounting Shared Services Centers

This exclusive report explores the role of automation and talent in driving efficiency in Finance & Accounting (F&A) Shared Service Centers (SSCs) in the United States. More specifically, it:Dives into case studies on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in F&AIdentifies F&A processes that can benefit from automationLists key skills that F&A...

From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence

AI has made its way into finance departments. How do these technologies impact finance functions and workflows? What transformations can be predicted? How will this technology shape tomorrow’s finance department?As a finance leader or accounting professional, you are certainly wondering about ways to apply AI in your day-to-day activities and...

A Breakdown of the Top Five Challenges for Finance & Accounting

We surveyed 160 industry leaders to uncover the top five challenges for finance and accounting. These challenges will be addressed at length at the conference, along with innovative solutions to increase your organization's business efficiency. Download the infographic for a complete breakdown of the top challenges facing finance and accounting...

Past Presentations

A Collection of Past Presentations

In preparation for the 20th Annual Shared Services for Finance & Accounting Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Close Your Books Faster and With Confidence: Moving Away From and Eliminating Manual Practices to Achieve Balance Sheet Integrity: Brian Yahne,...

Leverage RPA for Your Cognitive journey

This presentation covers the Case Study: Leveraging RPA For your Cognitive Journey. Automation architects from McKesson show a first-hand overview of their organization’s automation journey, including: • Emerging Technologies • Cognitive Automation and beyond • Reimagining the workforce with automation • What is Amelia? • and more!   Presented by:...

Planning and Launching your FSSO

In this presentation, Angela Schuchart, Director Finance SS, U.S. Venture, Inc. discusses the strategies and tools to develop a FSS model

The Ultimate Change Management Guide To Improve Deliverables And Ensure Long-Term Success

Change management is the key to the success of your FSSO initiatives! In this presentation Kashmir Birk, Founder, True North discussed change management and employee engagement techniques that will allow you to:• Enable on-going change for sustainable support and business results• Manage cultural changes while keeping employees engaged and motivated•...

Blueprint For Achieving Process Excellence & Sustainability

In this presentation, Bryce Tawny, Process Execution & Solutions Consultant, Advisory Board Member, University of North Texas School of Accounting discussed how a few years into your Shared Services journey you need to re-evaluate existing processes, review workflows, and re-think different service delivery models to prove the value of your SSO. Continuous improvement and...

Moving Up The Shared Services Value Chain —Designing A Framework For Assessing And Improving Your FSSO

In this presentation, Cindy Pauls, CMA, Director of Shared Service, Borden Dairy Company shares strategies to add value to your organization including:• A framework that can help you ensure your operations are aligned with leading practices• Both tactical and transformative changes to help you realize your shared services goals• Examine...


North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019

Access the North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019 to learn about the trends and opportunities the occurring in the industry. Review the data and analytics provided by the top shared services leaders for insights into Shared Services.

The New Role of Finance Leaders: Risk Taker

The role of today's Finance lead is about far more than cost-effective processing, cash management and control. Over the past two decades, the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) has tracked the evolution of Finance to what is today a data-driven and intelligence-enabled seat of decision-making. And while not every...

Five Keys to Designing the Future Finance Model

The optimized finance model for the future needs to combine strong competencies in the new emerging technologies with the highest levels of customer service and relationship management. Thus finance will optimize the use of robotic automation, while at the same time leverage the human workforce for value-adding services that drive...


How To Turn AP Into A Value And Profit Engine

In the drive to improve efficiency and productivity, many enterprises have turned to Shared Services Centers (SSCs) as a solution to centralize control and reduce costs. Yet, despite improvements, most organizations still have not got Accounts Payable (AP) right, remaining stuck with predominantly manual, siloed processing. Without automation, even Shared...

How Data Analytics Can Drive a Better Talent Retention Strategy

For the past three years the headlines have been full of nothing but automation and, indeed, RPA has proved itself a game-changer in driving more efficient processes and productivity. However, we may yet find that RPA is nothing more than an enabler for more intelligent business services.Many organizations today are...

5 Predictions on How RPA Will Drive Finance Forward

Check out this article to learn the top five predictions for RPA within finance!

What are the Best Business Process Model Solutions in F&A Shared Services?

There are plenty of models, but which is right for you?The key business process models prevalent in the Finance & Accounting (F&A) Shared Services realm for the past two decades are: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)Business Process Management (BPM)Business Process Transformation (BPT)Business Process Services (BPS)Co-Sourcingetc. …in the third-party space (customers outsourcing...