Driving Competitive Growth and Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services

April 20 - 23, 2020
 Seattle, WA

University of Washington Site Tour

April 20, 2020

University of Washington School of Medicine, Health Sciences Administration, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering, and the University of Washington Bothell campus, collectively known as the UW Shared Services Network, will share their holistic view of
shared services.

Learn how these UW shared service centers—all of which vary in size and in services provided—were conceptualized, developed and grown based on their diverse customer needs and unique cultures.

Your UW Shared Services Network experience will include:
• Tour of UW Shared Service Space(s)
• Visual systems
• Various Governance Models and why they were adopted
• Shared Service Center Successes and Challenges


You Can’t Be At Two Places At Once!
With workshops and the procurement focus day taking place at the same time and concurrent sessions on Main Conference
Day 1 & 2, we highly recommend that your colleagues attend the conference as well, as you can’t be in two places at one
time! That said, "divide and conquer" so you and your cross-functional teams get the most out of the program!


Amherst College, Arizona State University, New York University, Northern Arizona University, Ohio State University, Stanford University, The Ohio State University, The University of Hong Kong, University of Alaska, University of Arkansas, University of California-San Diego, University of Colorado, University of Connecticut, University of Denver, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, University of New Mexico, VCU School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, Washington University in St.Louis

& many more!

Shared & Business Services in Higher Education

Bringing together over 200 industry leaders from the U.S. Canada, China and across the globe, the 5th Shared Services in Higher Education conference in 2019 was the largest iteration yet with a 30% delegate increase year-on-year. Key topic discussed included; talent recruitment & retention, demonstrating ROI through metrics & benchmarking, , building a culture of continuous improvement and managing change fatigue.

The 6th Shared Services in Higher Education will once again bring together shared services leaders from across small, large, private and public colleges and universities to discuss the very latest challenges and opportunities within higher education shared services and to provide a blue print for implementation and  growth.

New for 2020:

New Location: Join your colleagues in Seattle for three days of in-depth learning, content and knowledge sharing.

New Site Tours: Interested in benchmarking your SSC? Join five University of Washington shared services centers for a site tour and deep dive learning experience.   

Procurement Focus Day:  Designed to help higher education procurement leaders build the next generation of strategic procurement capabilities.

Customized Educational Content: Benchmark your current processes and strategies against topical case studies highlighting how higher education institutions have adapted shared services principles for their unique needs, with updates from early adopters on their SSC journeys, as well as strategies for growth and optimization.

With the theme of Driving Competitive Growth and Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services, key topics for 2020 will include:
    - Developing the Business Case for Implementation and Growth
    - Strategic Marketing & Communication for Growth
    - Leveraging IA Technology to Meet the Strategic Goals of Your SSO
    - Post Stabilization & Mature Shared Services Talent Management
    - Data & Analytics for Growth and Process Improvement
    - Developing & Evaluating Effective Pricing & Chargeback Models
    - Building & Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships
    - Communication—The Bread & Butter of a Shared services Success Pre & Post Launch

    2020 Speakers

    Tamara V. Hill, MA, CRA

    Tamara V. Hill, MA, CRA

    Associate Vice President, Shared Services

    Morehouse School of Medicine

    Wade Epp

    Wade Epp

    Associate Vice President Services

    University Saskatchewan

    Kenny Nelson

    Kenny Nelson

    Assistant Director, HR Service Center, Department of Human Resources

    University of Colorado Boulder

    Angie Loving

    Angie Loving

    Associate HR Director

    University of Kansas

    Steve Wildeck

    Steve Wildeck

    Executive Director

    University of Wisconsin-Shared Services, University of Wisconsin System

    Heidi Rauscher Tilghman

    Heidi Rauscher Tilghman

    Director, Shared Services and Change Management Communications

    University of Washington

    Les Tochor

    Les Tochor

    Associate Vice-President Finance

    University of Calgary

    Top Benefits of Attending:


    Learn how to develop, execute, and track a successful plan to start up, stabilize, enhance, and/or expand an efficient and cost-effective shared services model for your higher education system


    Examine strategies to develop a customer-centric SS organization; ensure you have the right people, skills and culture to champion change; utilize process excellence, automation, and analytics for efficiency and to take your Shared Services to the next level


    Explore how to transform your Shared Services with IA technologies to stay competitive and relevant in an automated future


    Dig deep into topics vital to your continued success such as: How to Build Strategic Procurement Capabilities to Achieve Sustainable Cost Savings; Mastering Change Management: Creating An Open & Positive Culture Throughout Your SS Organization; Design Thinking: Tools & Techniques to Build the Foundation of Human-Centric Empathy,and many more!

    Professional and Personal Development Opportunities:

    - Further your knowledge by attending our four interactive, collaborative in-depth workshops that will provide the tools to enable you to develop and sustain a productive and budget-conscious shared services program, and a better understanding of how your SSO measures up

    - Need to earn CPE credits? By attending all three days of the conference, you will earn up to 20 CPE credits

    - Leverage the expertise of the Shared Services in Higher Education Advisory Board through our onsite Buddy Program