Driving Competitive Growth & Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services

April 20 - 23, 2020
Renaissance Seattle Hotel

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6th Shared Services in Higher Education

April 20-23 in Seattle, WAThis 4-day event has a special focus on 

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University of Washington Shared Services Network Site Tour

Join five University of Washington shared service centers for a site tour and deep dive experience at the 6th Shared Services in Higher Education, April 20-23, 2020.

Shared Services for Higher Education 2020: Past Attendee List

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended Shared Services for Higher Education in 2019 - you can anticipate to see similar people in 2020! Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision makers.

Trends Within Higher Education

Intelligent Automation in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) – an overlooked opportunity to create value

Shared Services in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are confronting growing expectations to decrease spend and optimize service delivery. Although technology offers huge promise in achieving these goals, HEIs have been slow to jump on the automation bandwagon. Come 2020, technology will make further inroads in Shared Services, and HEIs have...

Strategies for Employee Engagement: SSO Higher Education Edition

We interviewed our past speakers to see what tactics they are using to enhance employee engagement.For any questions, please email us at EnquiryIQPC@iqpc.com

Examining Current Trends in US Higher Education Shared Services Centers

In this Shared Services for Higher Education Report find out:What is enabling you to perform more knowledge based work?What is the biggest talent challenge your SSC faces?Where are you on the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) journey?

The Transformative Potential of Shared Services in Higher Education: What's Behind the Promise and How to Nail the Transition

This report showcases how Shared Services can create transformational change in operational efficiency within U.S. Higher Education Institutions. Through public and proprietary data sources it:Sheds light on a successful shared services initiative by the University of IowaOutlines relevant performance measures of operational efficiency in Higher Education InstitutionsLists key pointers on...

The 5 Critical Factors to Shared Services Success in Higher Education

What does shared services success in higher education look like?From cost savings to increased efficiency, shared services has the potential to transform the higher education landscape in a myriad of ways. However, given the unique challenges higher ed SSO leaders face, such as increased competition over funding, acute resistance to...

2019 Presentations

Case Study: An Opt-In Approach to Shared Services at Princeton University

Predicting the long-term success of your shared services organization can be somewhat difficult in the initial stages of your planning efforts. Starting small, building relationships, allowing for pause and reflection, and identifying opportunities for timely expansion have been key to the success of the shared services program at Princeton University....

How to Recruit & Retain Exceptional SSO Executive Leadership

To effectively launch, manage, and expand a thriving SSC, you need strong leadership to ensure success. However, recruiting and retaining exceptional executive management isn’t an easy task, especially in shared services. To attract and hold onto top talent, you must develop an end-to-end plan of how to do so. In...

Change Management, Communication, and Stakeholder Engagement - Critical Components to Effective Change Management

Today, change is a constant, and the ability to manage change as part of your day-to-day operations is a crucial part of your SS implementation and optimization process. Success depends on getting your C-Suite to buy in to your vision, and on developing an effective communication strategy that will get...

Measuring for Success: Demonstrating ROI Through Metrics and Benchmarking

There is constant pressure to demonstrate ROI and cost savings especially within your shared service center. To demonstrate that your initial goals for your SSC have been met, you need to determine key performance indicators as well as a baseline from which to measure success. This past presentation will show...

Tips and Tools to Turn Your Shared Services Vision into Reality

Congratulations! Your organization has decided to make the move to shared services. But what’s next? How do you make it happen? View this presentation to gain actionable strategies, practical tools and sure-fire approaches to go from shared services ideation to implementation. Hear key insights from Lisa Sharpe, Project Director, Shared...

Developing an Effective Roadmap for Staff Development and Leadership Succession Planning

As organizations grow they too often allow a layer of bureaucracy to trickle into their organization that inhibits their strongest resources; their people. It’s critical that employees are engaged at work. Nothing less than your Institution’s ability to develop long-term growth is at stake. An engaged workforce is your competitive...

Creating the Story of the Benefits: How to Change Stakeholders’ Mindset from One of Resistance to Champions of Your SSC

It is imperative that SSC leaders develop and maintain strategic partnerships with faculty to ensure the success of a significant operational and systemic restructuring. Selling the story of your SSC initiative with a sound, comprehensive and reliable business case is critical in order to obtain alignment and approval from stakeholders...

A Collection of Past Presentations from Shared Services for Higher Education 2019

In preparation for Shared Services for Higher Education 2020, we wanted to share these exclusive past presentations with you from 2019. Below you will find expert content on:Creating the Story of the Benefits: How to Change Stakeholders’ Mindset from One of Resistance to Champions of Your SSC: Peggy Kay, Assistant...

Additional Reading

Operational Efficiencies Observed In U.S. Higher Education SSCs

Colleges/Universities are expected to “do more with less” and be more innovative if they want to stay financially sustainable and competitive. Reducing the costs of administrative operations through centralized and streamlined back-office functions that will increase productivity while improving the quality of services provided is a huge driving factor for...

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Shared Services in Higher Education Sponsorship Agenda

Access the Shared Services in Higher Education Agenda for details on the program coming up April 20 - 23, in Seattle, WA!Take a look at the exciting new additions to the program like the Procurement Focus Fay, SSC site tour at the University of Washington, and discover new ways to...

Shared Services for Higher Education Current Attendee List

Every year, Shared Services for Higher Education attracts higher education professionals looking to implement shared services operations into their institutions. From Provosts and Deans, to Financial Officers and Business Services leaders, this shared services events brings together industry leaders looking to connect and source new services to support their operation...