April 20 - 22, 2020

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5th Shared Services in Higher Education Agenda

With over a 70% new speaker faculty, the 5th Shared Services in Higher Education Summit will explore a variety model structures, practice methods, resources, technologies, and partnership collaborations to jump start your proposed shared and business services, and/or enhance your existing shared ...

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The Transformative Potential of Shared Services in Higher Education: What's Behind the Promise and How to Nail the Transition

This report showcases how Shared Services can create transformational change in operational efficiency within U.S. Higher Education Institutions. Through public and proprietary data sources it:Sheds light on a successful shared services initiative by the University of IowaOut ...

The 5 Critical Factors to Shared Services Success in Higher Education

What does shared services success in higher education look like?From cost savings to increased efficiency, shared services has the potential to transform the higher education landscape in a myriad of ways. However, given the unique challenges higher ed SSO leaders face, such as incr ...

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Solution Provider's Guide: Reach Your Target Audience

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Shared Services in Higher Ed Benchmarking Report

This benchmarking report showcases the results from live audience polling that was conducted at the Shared Services and Higher Education Summit. It details the maturity levels, delivery models, functionality and more of Higher Education Shared Service Centers (SSCs).

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Strategies for Employee Engagement: SSO Higher Education Edition

Ahead of the event, we interviewed our speakers, see what tactics they use to enhance their employee engagement and what successes they've seen!For any questions, please email us at EnquiryIQPC@iqpc.com

Examining Current Trends in US Higher Education Shared Services Centers

In this Shared Services for Higher Education Report find out:What is enabling you to perform more knowledge based work?What is the biggest talent challenge your SSC faces?Where are you on the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) journey?

Design Thinking to Humanize the Digital Process

How to use a 'try and test' methodology to hone in on solving user experienceIn the age of user-centricity and customer experience, Design Thinking coming to the fore. SSON’s editor talks to Mito Mihelič, Head of Design Thinking at Viessmann Group GmbH.Why is Design Thinking becoming so important? The answer...


It has become ever more clear that corporate enterprise practitioners must scale intelligent automation. You must also reestablish whether or not you’re on the right path as you plot your course on your intelligent automation journey. But you can’t fall behind so you’ve got to start working with cognitive solutions...

What Sets the Top 20% Apart? 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organizations

HR services has emerged from the back office to play a significant role in supporting CEOs’ strategic imperative to optimize human resources. In its new role, HR services is no longer just about effective recruiting and career management, however, but about developing and supporting talent, ensuring it’s productive, and providing...

Advice From the 2018 Shared Services Higher Education Advisory Board: Building, Advancing & Optimizing Business Services in Higher Ed

Words of wisdom for higher education leaders looking to break into SSOs from:Pam Gabel, Executive Director, Shared Services Center, University of MichiganJae-Anne Peace, ConnectionPoint Director, University of SaskatchewanJennifer Pike, Shared Services Program Director, University of OklahomaThe 3 in-depth interviews include actionable advice on how to overcome resistance to change, planning...

How To Build A Next Generation Shared Services Delivery Model

Bureau Veritas’s Mumbai-based Global SSC provides effective integrated support that makes the organization run – just not in the traditional way. As Shared Services has become table stakes across a large number of global and multinational enterprises, the model is nevertheless under constant pressure to outperform itself. The secret to...

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Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

This event will provide attendees with strategies to effectively develop, implement, and analyze a cost-effective and productive higher education shared services model. The following VPs, Directors, Deans, Provosts and more from some of the nation's top higher-education institutions have joined us in the past. We expect to see them again...

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Site Tour: UC San Diego Shared Services Center

For the first time ever, you have the opportunity to be a part of private walk-through of UC San Diego's Shared Services Center- the Academic Resource Center (ARC)! The ARC provides administrative support services for faculty, academics, scholars, and department liaisons in the areas of recruitment, appointment, academic reviews, personnel administration,...

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2018 Presentations

Cross-Campus VS. Single Campus Shared Services

Ronn Kolbash, JD, Associate Vice President for Shared Services, University of Chicago and Amy Schwartz, EdD, Associate Vice Chancellor, Partnerships & Shared Services Initiatives, University System of New Hampshire compare & contrast their shared services models.

CASE STUDY: The Power Of Virtual Shared Services

No building, no money, no resources… No problem. If you build it right, they will not know what they did without you. Overcoming the fear, the faculty and the frustration of having to implement shared services. Learn how University of Iowa implemented shared services in the face of overwhelming change...

From Frenemies to Fraternity: How to Convert Faculty into Strategic Partners

Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with faculty is imperative to the success of restructuring higher learning institute undergoing significant operational and systemic restructuring as their happiness is key to the success of the school. To ensure a smooth adoption process and continued support of your programs, it is important that...

Roadmap For Integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Into Your Higher Education Institution

As an organization with a shared service, you strive to achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined operations; therefore, you may be considering adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to your shared services as a way to enable cost savings and greater scalability. But what exactly is RPA? And how does it...

Riddle Me This - Solving The Talent Recruitment & Retention Riddle To Keep Your Employees Engaged & Satisfied

Highly skilled, dedicated, talented, and engaged employees are critical to the success of your Shared Services operation. But with resource constraints and cash compensation options limited, higher education continues to experience high workforce turnover, with seasoned and skilled employees leaving for higher paying private sector jobs that seemingly offer greater...