April 20 - 22, 2020

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5th Shared Services in Higher Education Agenda

With over a 70% new speaker faculty, the 5th Shared Services in Higher Education Summit will explore a variety model structures, practice methods, resources, technologies, and partnership collaborations to jump start your proposed shared and business services, and/or enhance your existing shared ...

Trends Within Higher Education

Strategies for Employee Engagement: SSO Higher Education Edition

We interviewed our past speakers to see what tactics they are using to enhance employee engagement.For any questions, please email us at EnquiryIQPC@iqpc.com

Examining Current Trends in US Higher Education Shared Services Centers

In this Shared Services for Higher Education Report find out:What is enabling you to perform more knowledge based work?What is the biggest talent challenge your SSC faces?Where are you on the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) journey?

The Transformative Potential of Shared Services in Higher Education: What's Behind the Promise and How to Nail the Transition

This report showcases how Shared Services can create transformational change in operational efficiency within U.S. Higher Education Institutions. Through public and proprietary data sources it:Sheds light on a successful shared services initiative by the University of IowaOutlines relevant performance measures of operational efficiency in Higher Education InstitutionsLists key pointers on...

The 5 Critical Factors to Shared Services Success in Higher Education

What does shared services success in higher education look like?From cost savings to increased efficiency, shared services has the potential to transform the higher education landscape in a myriad of ways. However, given the unique challenges higher ed SSO leaders face, such as increased competition over funding, acute resistance to...