Helen Webb

General Manager Spark44

Conference Day One:Tuesday, September 1st 2020

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

4:45 PM Automating Highly Complex Processes with Unstructured Data: Selecting an Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) vs Traditional RPA

Spark44 partnered with AntWorks to automate a complex configurator validation process for Jaguar Land Rover, which was not automatable by traditional RPA due to the highly unstructured nature of the data and business rules involved, in addition to the number of process steps required to complete a task across all the markets. The processes involve validating annual updates to JLR configurator e.g. product features, pricing etc. across multiple markets in staging before they are taken live. AntWorks designed an automated process that uses multiple Bots, to allow parallel processing to replace the recursive manual process of testing updates, along with market specific business rules to ensure changes are reflected accurately. The process challenges pre-automation included:

  • Time critical projects met with time-consuming processes
  • Lack of attention to detail and accuracy of data
  • High volume of features/markets meant repetitive processes with redundant process steps
  • Costly process: 30,000+ man hours and headcount of 22
  • Team attrition adversely affects the ability to meet deadlines
The project goals to improve efficiency upwards of 75%, 100% adherence to timelines, estimated 10% error reduction and lower reliance on tribal knowledge of personnel are now well underway.

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