Yvan Laurent

Managing Director, Head of Shared Services NKT

Thursday 27th May, 2021

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

2:45 PM INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION WITH Q&A: People First. Culture, Engagement, and Performance through Crisis and Beyond

GBS and shared services are about people. During a global crisis, the first priority for all shared services leaders is to focus on is the wellbeing of their employees. Join this interactive session to zoom into key strategies you can implement to ensure the physical and psychological wellbeing of your people, and maintain engagement, culture and performance in a virtual environment.

We will discuss:

  • Do we truly know how to manage people in this new environment? And what comes next in 2021 for your GBS people strategy?
  • Are we fit for purpose? Is your leadership ready for the “future of work”?
  • How flexible does your people strategy need to be in order to save the business?
  • How do we take care of the mental and physical wellbeing of our teams and people in a unique, unusual environment?
  • The power of the developing a people first strategy
  • How GBS can build a strong pipeline and become the talent incubator for the company in a virtual office setting
  • The power of hindsight – what would you have done differently in 2020 for your people strategy, knowing what lay ahead? What was the best decision you made?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Yvan.

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