9:00 am - 11:30 am Change Management for Continuous Improvement and Process Excellence

In order to keep up with the evolving business needs, technology disruption and market trends, SSCs will often have to change their priorities and delivery models. However, implementing change management in a multifunction organisation can be met with internal challenges and resistance. The workshop will outline industry best practices and strategies for creating a Shared Service culture which embraces  change
  • Creating a culture in which you and your team are constantly striving for improvements
  • Discover effective change management tools and techniques
  • Uncover which processes are ripe for change and transformation
  • Gain buy-in from leadership and other teams to start the change process

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm Positioning Finance SSO as A Strategic Business Partner to Your Organization

While, most back-office operations are capable of successful business partnering, finance is arguably in the most powerful position when it comes to effective business partnering given the wealth of data that exists within a successful finance department. As such, finance departments can often make a valuable contribution to decision making, commercial negotiations and strategy.
In this deep-dive workshop, you can learn how an organization can develop an effective business partnering model with its finance department, what factors should be considered before partnering, and how to avoid the common and less common pitfalls of business partnering.
Key learning points:
·         Lay the foundation to manage the evolution of Finance from a transactional activity to a strategic business partner.
·         Identify the elements that contribute to successful partnering
·         Understand the common pitfalls and challenges

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm Taking Your Service Delivery Organization to the Next Level

Ysmael O. Reyes John - Business Excellence and RPA Lead, Total GSP 道达尔石油
Value creation falters when things are stagnate. So, it is essential to increase offers in a manageable framework and rethink a traditional view of shared services.
In this workshop, participants will:
·         Create an outline for digital strategy
·         Map out sustainable governance structures for RPA and IA
·         Identify ways to continue to expand Centers of Excellence(CoEs)
·         Examine additional ways to expand to regional or global delivery models
·         Evaluate ways to launch predictive and prescriptive analytics
·         Dissect ways to achieve business customization without losing efficiency

Ysmael O. Reyes John

Business Excellence and RPA Lead
Total GSP 道达尔石油