Creating a Centre of Excellence for Effective End-to-End Reconciliation – Tips from Wells Fargo

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Achieving accurate reconciliations based on current, real-time data can be a challenge – especially with multiple systems and teams managing different elements of the reconciliation and financial close process. The cost of manually researching and solving exceptions is also a major issue, as is the risk of non-compliance with key regulatory controls. Fragmentation of the reconciliation process, especially in large organizations, makes maintaining control of the process and having confidence in results challenging.

Join this webinar and hear how Wells Fargo have implemented an end-to-end reconciliation solution in a shared services environment to address many of these issues. Learn how this centralised approach has provided major benefits in terms of increased visibility and standardization, releasing information previously held in fragmented systems and giving CFOs and other senior managers a current, accurate view of business performance.

Nathan Ondricek and Kirk Kluempke from Wells Fargo, together with Eric Werab from Fiserv will discuss:

  • Key Challenges to decentralized reconciliation
  • Getting Started: Building a successful centre of excellence for reconciliation
  • Benefits and Lessons Learned: What were the major wins and areas for improvement?
  • What’s Next – How to ensure your Organization demonstrates continuous improvement/ROI/SLA’s
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