How Geoban's SSO Improved Performance through "Digitalisation"

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT
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How Geoban's SSO Improved Performance through "Digitalisation"

This webinar will explain how to deliver state-of-the-art Shared Services support in the digital age

Shared Services Organisations are under immense pressure as customers continue to deploy digital technologies to change how they interact with their consumers and employees. This puts the emphasis on how you cope with the change in volumes and the reduction in processing times whilst still delivering the service levels agreed with your customers.

Find out how you can leverage digital opportunities for significantly improved performance.

We've invited experts from eg solutions – who have decades of experience in transforming businesses and have caused a revolution in the shared services community – along with the Head of Systems Administration at Geoban, part of the Santander Group, to explain how to adapt to the changes in consumer expectations, and the challenge of the ‘always-on’ shared services environment.

Join us and learn how to:

  • provide a seamless consumer experience for customers
  • enable the whole workforce to collaborate and achieve agreed service levels
  • deliver measurable improvements in performance and capacity
  • win business through guaranteed productivity gains
  • get 20-40% productivity gains from existing contracts (guaranteed!)


Jenny Ryatt
Head of Command Center and Systems Administration
Geoban (part of Banco Santander)

Jenny’s current role as Head of Systems Administration & Command Centre is part of the Governance and Control department. The teams are fully aligned as business partners to operational areas focusing on common goals and Geoban’s commitment to establishing/evolving the Centres of Excellence. The Department's success comes from working collaboratively with the operational areas to achieve Geoban’s key objectives around quality, cost, control and productivity by providing central services such as resourcing, planning, productivity, SLA performance and systems administration for key operational tools.

Elizabeth Gooch
eg solutions plc

Elizabeth Gooch pioneered the introduction of production management methodologies into the service sector and used these techniques as the basis for achieving improvements in customer service and guaranteed cost reduction for clients. She designed and launched the eg operational intelligence® software suite to embed best practice production management techniques into businesses in order to deliver sustainable benefits. Having successfully implemented eg’s solutions in large services companies Elizabeth is recognised as a leading British IT entrepreneur and was recognised as the seventh leading female entrepreneur in Management Today’s top 100 entrepreneurs.