The Effective Use of Robots in the Back Office

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"Robotics" is probably THE hot topic in shared services at the moment. And justifiably so, as the process automation it implies is pretty much guaranteed to deliver 20-40% automation across a given process, and more for specific tasks.

There is still a lot of uncertainty in the market however. While zealous providers are touting the magic of their solutions, you are probably hesitatant about taking on something you are just not sure about.

And yet, you will be struggling with exactly the kinds of things that RPA can solve, particularly in trying to integrate all of your systems in use.

This webinar will answer most of your RPA questions. Not just whether robotics is for you, but how to ensure you are making the best possible use of Robotics Process Automation in your back office, order to cash, procure to pay and record to report processes.

Register today to get tips on how to identify the right processes, how to feed robots, and how to continuously improve what robots do in your organisation:

  1. how "swivel chair" robotics works
  2. how to select the right processes for RPA
  3. how to track and report on robot activity

eg optimise's John Bailey will be happy to answer your individual questions, as well.