Costa Coffee case study: prioritising people and productivity post-pandemic

This webinar will take place on:
March 02, 2021
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT

As the impact and fallout of the global pandemic continues to effect the day-to-day operations of many businesses, managing and supporting your people has never been more important.

While we all want to jumpstart the economy by welcoming employees back to the workplace, employers have a huge responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, and equitable working environment.

As businesses evaluate their future working models, some may conclude that employees can continue work from home permanently.  Others who intend to reopen workplaces need a plan to do so intelligently and with sensitivity, preparing for a new normal of face masks and physical distancing.

There is mounting pressure for HR and people leaders to deliver strategically on top of baseline delivery.

Join experts from Costa Coffee and Ceridian as they discuss how technology has underpinned people strategy before and during the global pandemic, as well as how it will form part of the recovery.

This webinar will help you address the key challenges of:

  • Employee wellbeing and how it impacts on productivity
  • How company culture can really make a difference on retention of staff and the bottom line
  • Managing a rapidly changing workforce including possible redundancies and changes to roles within the organisation
  • Managing a remote workforce and how to get the best out of your people
  • The challenges of getting back to the office (or not)

It provides real life examples of how Costa Coffee and Ceridian worked with the latest HCM technology to smooth the journey through the global pandemic up to today and future-proofed themselves against the challenges of the future.


Andrew Ratcliffe
Head of People Shared Services
Costa Coffee

With more than two decades in various leadership positions in HR, in high profile organizations such as easyJet, McAfee and Microsoft, Andy has demonstrable leadership expertise within high volume HR Operations and shared services from both a creation of and ongoing service delivery perspective.

In April 2019, Andy joined Costa Coffee which had just been divested from Whitbread and acquired by Coca Cola. As the UK’s largest and favourite high street coffee shop, Andy’s first assignment was to modernise and consolidate the numerous legacy HR and payroll systems within an accelerated timeframe. In March of this year, Andy’s team successfully deployed and went live with Ceridian’s Payroll and Workforce management technology, Dayforce, which has been adopted by 13,000 of Costa’s UK team members.

Wendy Muirhead
Ceridian Europe

Wendy is responsible and accountable for the commercial and strategic growth of Ceridian Europe. Having spent most of her career working with organisations undertaking Global HCM and Payroll transformation, she has a wealth of industry experience. 

As a strong advocate for identifying value through shared insights, Wendy is cultivating a collaborative culture within Ceridian which is delivering tangible benefits to her team and customers alike. 

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