Deloitte: Trends in Global HR Shared Services

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Shared services leaders are realizing that while cost reduction is a tried-and-true benefit of shared services, other benefits such as controls, data visibility, and creating a platform for growth are just as valuable – may be even more so.

Join Brett Walsh, Partner in Deloitte’s HCM Practice, to determine how trends in HR shared services are impacting your overall business strategy. Brett will share data and analysis from Deloitte’s 2012 Global Shared Services Survey, including:

  • Emerging trends in HR shared services models – including when insourcing or outsourcing (or a combo) makes sense
  • The role of performance measurement and talent management in the HRSS function
  • What enabling technologies can help you measure and meet your goals

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how HR shared services can help you transform your HR function.

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