How to Manage a Shared Services Launch So it Sticks (Part 1 & 2)

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Sustainable success is first and foremost about being realistic regarding what can and cannot be done in the first 6 months – and managing your customers’ expectations accordingly, says Jamie Davies. He was brought in by ComputaCenter to design, transition and run the new Finance SSC start-up in Budapest (Jamie helped transform BT’s GBS over the course of 8 years). In this session, he’ll remove your rose-tinted glasses to offer a realistic account of an SSO launch, and tell you how to hire a killer team. His experience stretches from Europe to India and Latin America, so listen out for his tips on location choice, too.

In this session Jamie will cover:

  • How to understand what’s expected from a SSC: What are the drivers?

  • Building a killer team

  • Choosing the best transition model and managing change

  • Tips on getting internal sponsorship and executive support

  • How to track and manage risk Location choices

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The session is presented by:

Jamie Davies
Jamie Davies, Finance SSC Manager, ComputaCenter

How to Manage a Shared Services Launch So it Sticks (Part 2)

David O’Sullivan has seen most of it before, having learned the hard way.

Over the course of his career, he’s built up broad experience setting up Shared Services in multiple industries, countries and jurisdictions. He was head of Shared Services at Thomson Reuters, as well as Whirlpool, and since co-founding Chazey Partners in 2007 – specializing in Shared Services & Outsourcing, Business Transformation, and Technology enablement – has worked with dozens of companies to help stand up robust delivery models around the world.

Shared Services will feel like the loneliest place in the organization, he says, and yet, it might not have to be that hard.

When Chazey worked with Coca-Cola Hellenic to set up a new SSO, they launched a pilot in three countries at the same time, against cries of "It’ll never work" (it did). What really matters, he says, is to get it out of your head that launching a Shared Services is a "project" (like an IT implementation) and treat it like the new business start-up it is. And this business is about organizational solutions to business process problems.

"I saw tons of action back in the dotcom days, working with million-dollar start-ups and ratcheting up to 700 staff in a year. You need to apply that same focus and spirit to a Shared Services launch – because no one is really going to be your friend in the early days, and you need to know how to prepare yourself."

David will emphasize the need to plan for a sustainable model, and rely on a strong governance framework to guide customer engagement. He’ll discuss some of the issues Jamie has faced and share suggestions on how to overcome some of the biggest bumps you’ll experience on the road.

Get answers on:

  • How to manage stakeholders’ expectations

  • Why to focus on culture first, and process second

  • Where technology fits into the solution

  • How to design a governance framework as a foundation for your partnership

  • How to engage your customers so they will follow you on the journey

This session is presented by:

David O'Sullivan, Partner, Chazey Partners