RPA for the Enterprise: The Blue Prism Example

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What kind of RPA do you need: simple or enterprise? Both have value, but making the right decision for your situation requires knowing the difference. It also requires knowing the kinds of problems for which each one is best suited.

In this presentation, David Chappell, Principal of San Francisco-based Chappell & Associates, will examine this issue. The topics he’ll discuss include:

  • What is enterprise RPA? What are its defining characteristics?
  • How are software robots created with enterprise RPA?
  • What kind of development process makes sense in enterprise RPA scenarios?
  • How should IT and the business work together to make enterprise RPA successful?

Throughout the presentation, David will use Blue Prism as a concrete example of enterprise RPA. The goal is to give you a high-level understanding of what enterprise RPA is and when it’s a good choice for your organization.

You’ll also hear from Pat Geary, CMO of Blue Prism, who will share tips on how IT and the business should work hand in hand to build a large scale, manageable, and secure digital workforce.

Pat Geary Chief Marketing Officer Blue Prism Pat Geary has over 20 years of international marketing experience across a range of large multinational and start up software and hardware businesses.