Coaching for Success: Using Accountability to Improve Team Results

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04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

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Delivering strong business results is essential – to your operation and your job. High performing teams consistently demonstrate solid leadership and personal accountability. But not everyone is trained in how to do this.

SSON is pleased to offer a free essential coaching session, in which Rochelle Hood, head of our new Shared Intelligence online networking forum, will introduce the Accountability Ladder Coaching Tool. This tool enables leaders and team members to increase their effectiveness and deliver stronger results through personal accountability that directly affects team performance and results. It operates through eight levels of accountability: four are future-oriented and constructive; four adhere to the status quo and change avoidance. Moving up the ladder raises an individual's performance and improves their contribution to team success.

Why use this Tool? Because it's an effective way to approach an issue or deliver feedback. The ladder visually demonstrates progress without causing confrontation.

The webinar will cover common challenges on overcoming resistance and encouraging empowerment, including:

  • How to turn team friction into problem solving and empowerment
  • If it’s it out of my control – am I still accountable?
  • How to climb up the rungs – from powerless to project owner
  • How to harness role-playing and case study scenarios to improve performance

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