Case Study: Success Factors in Implementing an Enterprise RPA Solution from Blue Prism

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This company (TBC) was challenged, like most businesses, with getting some basic processes automated. It was looking for an option to rapidly automate some of the more mundane processes to free up people to focus on more customer-centric solutions. Blue Prism’s software platform enabled this company to respond rapidly to changing priorities and customer demands by creating its own automated solutions.

In this session, we will discover how the platform is governed by IT to ensure it has the inherent layer of structure, governance, auditability and data security that IT wants. This company will discuss how they:

  • evaluated  different RPA solutions
  • took on the challenge of offloading mundane work from their employees
  • learned to build automated processes without needing to know how to code
  • retrained employees for higher-level human interactions that require thinking and judgement
  • improved customer service
  • reduced costs

Join us to learn how to set up a governance office, identify a process pipeline for automation, get IT on board, and create an agile business function that can respond to the ever changing market.

Pat Geary Chief Marketing Officer Blue Prism Pat Geary has over 20 years of international marketing experience across a range of large multinational and start up software and hardware businesses.