Tips on how to Boost Efficiency in the Accounts Payable Process

Achieving efficiency in the accounts payable process is a constant goal for shared services centers. Paperless is good but the best have gone touchless.

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Achieving efficiency in Accounts Payable (AP) is a constant goal for shared services centers (SSC). While many AP organizations have gone paperless, the best-in-class industry performers have gone touchless.

One of these top performers is Sonae, a key player in the global retail arena with a presence in 67 countries across the globe. With over three million invoices processed every year, becoming more efficient in AP was a key target for Sonae. Hear Sonae’s Nuno Guerreira explain how his SSC leveraged technology to

  • reduce errors
  • improve invoice approval times, and
  • achieve significant savings.

We’ve also invited The Hackett Group's Amy Fong to share key benchmarking data and discuss best practices for improving efficiency across Accounts Payable. Get a solid benchmark to measure how your AP organization compares to top P2P performers. In addition, Lexmark’s Art Sarno will highlight some of the key AP automation technologies that can help organizations move beyond paperless, to touchless, AP processes.

*This session was originally featured in the SSON Virtual Open House on September 15th 2015